Mercy & Ike: “He is using you to get to where he wants to be”

8 June 2020

Mercy & Ike: “He is using you to get to where he wants to be”

In this week’s episode of Mercy and Ike, our star couple enjoys more alone time, building on the progress in their relationship from the last episode.

Further away from social media drama, they are getting their relationship back on track. “First of all, I think we should put our phones away,” Mercy tells Ike on a dinner date he planned. “I’ll put it away for you,” Ike responds, sliding his phone into his pocket.

The couple has avoided public dates because of fans’ intrusion into their personal lives, and their busy schedules haven’t helped matters. But seeing how lovely the dinner was, Mercy wants more PDA (public displays of affection).

During the dinner, she brings up marriage again, and in typical fashion, Ike deflects the talk. “I’m just waiting for the right time,” he tells her. “I definitely have a lot of plans for us beyond stunting on Instagram.” The lovely night went on forever, with the couple chatting and smiling like newlyweds. They also shared a kiss in front of the camera. Yes to PDA!

But can there be a Mercy and Ike episode free of drama? Of course not! Mercy spoke to her sister Promise about seeing a therapist. Promise, still not convinced of Ike’s intentions, blames him for her worry.

“He is the one that’s making you think you need a therapist,” Promise says. “He is playing games; he is using you to get to where he wants to be.” Mercy kinda agrees. But you know what they say about being in love; it blinds you to your lover’s faults.

For more drama from the Pepper Dem couple, catch new episodes of Mercy & Ike on Showmax every Sunday straight after they air on Africa Magic Showcase.

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