Mnakwethu: A side chick with no pity

20 March 2020

Mnakwethu: A side chick with no pity

The latest episode of Mnakwethu has proven to us yet again that some South African wives are in for one hell of a ride – especially if their husbands have hinted at the idea of wanting a polygamous marriage.

In this week’s episode, we are introduced to a 28-year-old man by the name of Mxolisi Mhlongo who is married to Khuli, whose maiden name was Zulu.

The couple has three children and has a fairly happy marriage. According to Khuli, Mxolisi is a loving husband who respects and takes care of his family. And judging by Mxolisi’s comments about his wife, the feeling is mutual.

However, Mxolisi is about to disturb their peaceful household by introducing another woman into their lives.

The other woman

Mxolisi met 23-year old Thembelihle Mahlaba a few years back. Mxolisi has two children with Thembelihle and Khuli has no idea about any of it.

Thembelihle is confident about where she stands with Mxolisi even though she’s quite aware that he’s a married man.

“…I know she exists, I’m here to assist her but if I have to, I’ll get rid of her. If MaZulu doesn’t accept me and my children, it does not concern me because my man accepts me.”


The awkward meeting

Mxolisi eventually breaks the news about Thembelihle to Kuhli, asking that she allow him to take Thembelihle’s hand in marriage. Disturbed by this sudden news, Khuli vehemently denies her husband the permission to marry Thembelihle – and after she finds out about the two kids, announces that her decision is final.

It is then suggested that Khuli meets Thembelihle and the meeting is nothing short of a very awkward and disrespectful interaction.

Khuli asks Thembelihle if she has no remorse for what she has done and the 23-year-old law student proudly tells her that she is not remorseful at all.

“Honestly sweetheart, I’m not here to pity you. I’m here because my man loves me. I won’t even lie, I didn’t consider you. I was just thinking about myself,” said Thembelihle.

After hearing that, Khuli made it absolutely clear that she will not be accepting Thembelihle as her husband’s second wife.

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