Mohale: On the Record (2022)
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4 August 2022

Mohale: On the Record (2022)

Mohale Motaung and his husband Somizi Mhlongo became the poster couple for gay marriage in South Africa when their SAFTA-nominated 2020 wedding special, Somizi & Mohale: The Union, was labelled the Union of the Year and set a then-record for the most first-day views on Showmax at launch. Their relationship was also a central focus on Living The Dream With Somizi S4, which won the 2020 SAFTA for Best Structured or Docu-Reality Show.

Now Showmax is bringing you a tell-all interview between Mohale Motaung and Aldrin Sampear, host of Unfiltered on SABC 3 and the drive-time show Beyond the Headline on SAFM. As Aldrin says, “As a queer person, their union has been a celebration of what many would love to achieve but, because of societal norms, have struggled to. Some of us even lived our fantasies through their love story and became invested in it. This sit-down is an opportunity to hear Mohale’s version of their union, and now, its cracks.”

“A lot has been said about me, both true and untrue,” says Mohale. “I initially had no intentions to publicly speak of the events that have occurred, due to an agreement I had with the other parties involved. But when the agreement was dishonoured by the other party, it became paramount that I tell my truth as I know it. With all the misinformation in the public domain, it is my responsibility to correct any propaganda as I represent not only myself, but those that may have experienced a story similar to mine. I would also like people to truly get to know me for who I am, as opposed to who they have assumed me to be.”

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