10 August 2020

Nigerian movies: The best of Ngozi Ezeonu on Showmax

Ngozi Ezeonu is one of the few Nollywood actors from the early days still thriving today – a proof of her remarkable talent. The trained journalist entered the scene with a bang playing the lead supporting role Nkechi in the classic Nneka the Pretty Serpent and has gone on to make over 300 films.

In the early days, she played a variety of characters, but age has resigned her to mostly maternal roles. From a greedy mother to frustrated mother to the sorrowful one, Aunty Ngozi, as she is fondly called, has played them all. But despite the monotonicity, we haven’t gotten tired because she brings a different energy on each of these roles, as you will see in our list below.

Showmax has an extensive catalog of her Nollywood pictures, here are some you should see.

Silent Noise

A kindhearted priest is accused of murder by a lady he helped, and it is only the truth that can prove his innocence but who will come out and tell the truth. Watch it here.

Why you should see it: Although Ezeonu’s character doesn’t stay for most of the movie, the little we see is more than enough to recommend.

Who’s in it: Ngozi Ezeonu, Zubby Michael, Chigozie Atuanya.

Wrong Choice

A young man suffers the consequences of maltreating his lovely wife but from the opposite sex. Watch it on Showmax.

Why you should see it: Aunty Ngozi plays a greedy mother whose selfishness leads her daughter into an abusive marriage.

Who’s in it: Ngozi Ezeonu, Nosa Rex, Harry B and Destiny Etiko.

The Escort

A widow loses her daughter to prostitution; her excuse is it pays her school fees, puts food on the table and covers the rent. But how will this end for her? Watch it now.

Why you should see it: Here, Ezeonu plays a frustrated mother, who watches helplessly as her daughter changes because of financial difficulty.

Who’s in it: Ngozi Ezeonu, Stan Eze, Ebele Okaro and Hekka Hedet.

When God Says Yes

Who can say no? A man loses everything in one day, then gets a new offer of hope, but it leads to his ruin. Watch it tonight.

Why you should see it: It is an admonitory tale that reminds us all that glitter isn’t gold.

Who’s in it: Ngozi Ezeonu, Osita Olochukwu, Emmanuel Ehumadu, Stephen Owoh and Smith Nnebe.

In Cold Blood

A man’s assumptions that his wife cheated on him just before their wedding leads him to take extreme actions he will come to regret. Watch it online.

Why you should see it: It cautions on the problems of acting on unverified information.

Who’s in it: Ngozi Ezeonu, Stan Eze, Cruz, Osita Oluchukwu and Great-Valentine Edochie.

The Devil You Know

Is undoubtedly better than the angel you don’t. A new couple finds themselves in the dilemma of a past relationship. How will they save their marriage?

Why you should see it: A love story with an essential lesson on contentment.

Who’s in it: Ngozi Ezeonu, Steve Odigbe, Jerry Williams, Nancy Iheme and Chidinma Unamba.

Obsessed with Aunty Ngozi? Check out the Ngozi Ezeonu collection of her Nigeriam movies on Showmax.

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