Nozipho shares her thoughts on The Mommy Club

25 June 2024

Nozipho shares her thoughts on The Mommy Club

Over the past 14 weeks, we saw Jozi’s “it” moms give us an all-access look into their lives as mothers, wives and friends in the second season of the record-breaking Showmax Original, The Mommy Club.  

Season 2 brought back OGs Hermajesty, Mrs Mops, Nunurai and Ratile with newcomers Mrs Sande and Nozipho Ntshangase. 

The Mommy Club S2 on Showmax

During the second season of The Mommy Club, we were introduced to Nozipho Ntshangase, a wife and a mother of eight children who stole the hearts of viewers with her vulnerability and personal story. During the season, Nozipho revealed that her husband, who she has been with for more than a decade, is looking to take on a second wife, a decision she is not accepting of.

In her first interview since filming the reunion, Nozipho tells us about her first season of the show, her friendships with the ladies and everything in between. 

Now that the season is over, how was your first season of being in The Mommy Club?

It was long hours, way more than I expected, however, I enjoyed the experience and the opportunity to meet the new ladies. 

Watching yourself, what are some of the things you learned about yourself?

There are many things that I learned about myself but the one thing I realised while watching the show is that I have a lot of patience in me, way more than I thought I did. 

Many people commend you for your strength. Where would you say that comes from?

God has carried me, and kept my heart alive. God’s promises are what I hold on to and I trust that He has a grand plan for my family. When you know you have your children watching you, relying on you, all you can do is fight. Fight to stay above water every day. Trusting that you will get through the storms together. 

Is there anything you regret from being on the show?

I regret not engaging more than I did – I did not fully immerse myself in most conversations and interactions. 

⁠Did you make any friendships with your cast members?

Yes, I did. I met Ms Manche when we were doing diaries and we instantly became friends. I have a friendship with Ratile, Happy, Mrs Mops, Nunurai and Mrs Sande. I have different relationships with all the ladies but at the moment, I am a lot closer with Ms Manche. 

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