Outlaws episodes 13-14 recap: Blood spills as revenge is unleashed

By Xabiso Ngqabe18 October 2023

Outlaws episodes 13-14 recap: Blood spills as revenge is unleashed

The wild and gripping ride of Outlaws continues to captivate viewers and the latest episode picks up with tensions escalating in Bergville as the farmers take justice into their own hands. The Bergville farmers have unleashed violence upon the Basotho cattle thieves. In this week’s episodes there are unexpected alliances, hidden motives and shocking betrayals that are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

What happened in Outlaws episodes 11-12?

Sihle and Leruo took drastic action by ending their current relationships in order to be together. Nyakallo and Tlali form an unexpected alliance, leading to an intimate encounter. Meanwhile, we discover that Dumisani has history with Moretlo and has been working with the Basothos to create a passageway for them into the KZN region to steal livestock from fellow farmers.

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Now, this week in Outlaws, Bandile gets an unwelcome visitor as bodies continue to drop in Bergville. The Top 4 are shocked to receive an ominous message from the Bergville farmers. While Nyakallo proves she’s got more going on than meets the eye, Leruo makes an even bigger mess trying to clean up Tlali’s mistakes.

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Let’s dive in to this week’s recap of Outlaws

Bandile’s plea to the farmers 

This week’s episode opens with the Bergville farmers venting their anger by violently killing two of the cattle raiders, leaving one alive to torture him. In the midst of this chaos, Bandile calls for restraint, urging the mob not to kill one of the surviving thieves. His intention is clear – he wants the man to deliver a message to their leaders.

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The situation takes an unexpected turn when the police discover the lifeless bodies of the Sotho men near the river. Bandile is confronted by Detective Hlophe, who inquires about the deaths. However, he’s far from cooperative, revealing the growing unrest among the people as they take matters into their own hands.

Tlali’s dilemma, influenced by Nyakallo

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Tension escalates as Nyakallo influences Tlali to confront Moretlo and claim his share of the money earned from the cattle raids. Threatening Moretlo with a gun, he seeks what he believes is rightfully his, leading to a tense standoff between the two. Moretlo plays her cards cleverly by revealing she has money hidden underground.

She starts digging, while Nyakallo and Tlali argue, oblivious to the fact that Moretlo is actually unearthing a weapon. She fires a shot to frighten Tlali, who, along with Nyakallo, is terrified and leaves immediately.

Love in the midst of chaos

While chaos engulfs Bergville, the love between Sihle and Leruo continues to blossom. The couple takes refuge in an isolated place, enjoying a camping date away from the turmoil. 

Meanwhile, the Top 4 receive an ominous message delivered by the surviving Sotho raider from the earlier cattle raid. He reveals the brutality they faced, prompting a vengeful response. He delivers the message from the Zulus and adds that he overheard the name “Bandile”. This leads to a startling revelation as they realise that Bandile is the son of one of the murdered farmers, prompting them to declare “Bandile must die.”

Banding together for security as threats intensify

In response to escalating threats, Bandile and the farmers come together to enhance their security. They plan to collect funds for additional vehicles to patrol near the Lesotho border, preparing for the looming battle against their enemies.

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“I’m also looking into CCTV cameras. Each home and farm must have one installed. When you’re sleeping, gentlemen, you should be able to look after your families. Relax because we’ll have security cameras twenty-four-seven.”, Bandile announces, to cheers from the farmers.

Nyakallo’s influence 

The unpredictable Nyakallo emerges as more formidable than ever, showcasing her intricate web of manipulation and cunning strategies. Her actions and alliances leave us guessing about her true motives and the extent of her involvement in the unfolding drama.

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Tlali and Nyakallo take matters into their own hands, attempting to reclaim what they believe is rightfully theirs by planning to start their own empire. They recruit more members, as they begin to shape their destiny.

Leruo’s biggest misstep

As Sihle returns from her getaway with Leruo, she confides in Phumzile about her deepening feelings for the Sotho man. Meanwhile, Moretlo orders Leruo to carry out a deadly task – killing Bandile. But does he know that Bandile is the brother of his new Zulu girlfriend? 

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In a heart-pounding climax, Leruo’s attempt to clean up Tlali’s mess results in a shocking tragedy. During his mission to kill Bandile, he tragically makes a grave error by firing shots at Bandile and his family, inadvertently including Sihle, who he doesn’t recognise as part of the family.  

The episode ends with him realising his terrible mistake when he sees Sihle. His deeper love for Sihle now takes an unexpected and devastating turn, leaving viewers in suspense and eager to discover the consequences of his actions.

With every episode, the stakes grow higher, and the characters’ fates become increasingly uncertain. Stay tuned for the next episode of Outlaws to see how the drama in Bergville continues to unravel.

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