Outlaws Season 1 episodes 33-36: A wrenching choice between love and family

By Xabiso Ngqabe3 January 2024

Outlaws Season 1 episodes 33-36: A wrenching choice between love and family

As the dust settles over the rustic landscapes of Outlaws, alliances are formed, secrets start to spill out, and the line between friends and foes becomes increasingly blurred.

In the latest episodes, Outlaws thrusts its characters into the crucible of danger and intrigue. With alliances threatening to reshape the plot, who will emerge victorious? Watch Outlaws now, with new episodes every Wednesday on Showmax.

What happened in Outlaws episodes 31-32?

Tlali exposed Sihle’s deepest secrets, pinning the Biyelas’ demise on Leruo. When Bandile goes out looking for the man who killed his parents, his mission fails as Sihle tipped him off right on time. Tlali forms an unexpected deadly alliance with Dumisani after revealing Sihle’s secret relationship with Leruo. 

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Now in Outlaws, Tlali offers 100 000 Loti for Leruo’s head as a new raiding alliance is formed. Sihle sees a side to Kwanele she never knew and Leruo is forced to choose between love and family. Meanwhile, Tlali also puts a bounty on Sihle’s head.

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Let’s recap the latest episodes of Outlaws.

A new raiding alliance is formed

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Tlali and Nyakallo unite to bring down Leruo, by forming an unexpected alliance with Dumisani. A bounty of 100 000 Loti is placed on Leruo’s head, fuelling a new raiding alliance against him. Nyakallo assures Dumisani of complete control in their arrangement, and as tensions escalate, Dumisani also ropes in captain Mangethe of this new strong raiding alliance to replace the Top Four.

Meanwhile, Leruo grapples with grief as he buries yet another grandparent, alongside his mourning mother Moretlo. He learns of Tlali’s sinister plans through Mosa, who’s tortured until he sings like a canary. Leruo goes to Bergville to warn Bandile and to also let him know that he is not the one who killed his parents.

Kwanele finds out about Sihle’s betrayal

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Bandile, determined to uncover the truth, confronts Sihle about tipping off Leruo. Kwanele overhears the confrontation, setting off a chain of events that expose shocking truths. He takes his father’s advice and beats Sihle to a pulp for the betrayal. Sihle, in shock, packs her bags and leaves as she vows not to stay in an abusive marriage.

Bandile comes face to face with Leruo

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In a twist of fate, Leruo and Bandile come together when Leruo reveals that Tlali’s plans are orchestrated by Dumisani. The enemies become allies as they realise the true threat lies not between them but in the cunning alliance of Tlali and Dumisani. Bandile learns in real time that Dumisani has been involved with the Basothos for years, helping them steal cows from the Zulus. 

However, their unity takes a tragic turn when Dumisani shows up at the Biyelas, and shoots Bandile, framing it as an attack by a Sotho man. Bandile gets rushed to hospital and the Dlaminis cross their fingers for him not to make it so that their secret is buried. 

Kwanele’s dilemma and Sihle’s regret

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As Kwanele still grapples with the revelation of Sihle’s infidelity, he faces a dilemma set by Dumisani – to eliminate Sihle. Tensions escalate as Dumisani orders Tlali to pay a visit to the Biyela family and kill everyone breathing, with the intention of pinning the massacre on Leruo. Meanwhile, Leruo, caught in a web of regret, must navigate a path marred by love and betrayal.

With every twist and turn, Outlaws continues to deliver riveting storytelling that keeps audiences hooked. All episodes of Outlaws are now streaming.

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