Outlaws Season 1 episodes 31-32 recap: Explosive alliances and a tragic shootout

By Xabiso Ngqabe20 December 2023

Outlaws Season 1 episodes 31-32 recap: Explosive alliances and a tragic shootout

As the gripping drama of Outlaws inches closer to its epic climax, the intensity reaches unprecedented heights. Deep, dark secrets are being unearthed, alliances are formed, and the characters are thrown into turmoil. 

What happened in Outlaws episodes 29-30?

Tlali held Moretlo hostage, resulting in a tense standoff involving firearms with Leruo. During the confrontation, Nyakallo came to the rescue and shot Ntjapedi, Moretlo’s father. In a surprising turn of events, Tlali disclosed shocking secrets about Bandile’s parents’ demise. He accused Leruo of being responsible for all his misdeeds, hoping to provoke Bandile into seeking revenge and eliminating Leruo.

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Now this week in Outlaws, Nyakallo and Tlali expose Sihle’s deep secret to Bandile, sending him back into his own dark place. Meanwhile, an unlikely person comes to Leruo’s rescue, while Tlali and Dumisani form a dangerous alliance.

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Let’s dive into this week’s episodes of Outlaws.

Tlali expose Sihle’s deep secrets

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We pick up exactly where we left off last week. Tlali has unleashed a storm by revealing Sihle’s hidden past to Bandile. However, Bandile grapples with disbelief, unable to fathom his sister’s disgraceful act.

Questions of trust and loyalty arise and the more he thinks about it, the more it sends shockwaves in his world, pushing him into a deep, dark space. “Sihle told me everything when she got home. She said she went to Durban with her friends. Lesotho? Sihle would never lie to me,” exclaims Bandile. 

Was Sihle messing with a Sotho man all along while the entire family was grieving, and while engaged to Kwanele?

Nyakallo applies pressure

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Tlali’s patience is running out: he wants his cousin Leruo and his mom, Moretlo, out immediately. Nyakallo has a better plan up her sleeve. She tells her husband, “Trust me when I say, Bandile is going to kill Leruo. Give him time. He’s still in denial, but his time is coming. He’ll soon realise what happened.”

Meanwhile, Moretlo and Leruo mourn the loss of Ntjapedi, blaming Tlali for the tragedy, unaware that the true culprit is Nyakallo.

Bandile seeks answers

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Bandile seeks answers from Sihle, revealing a Sotho man’s claim that Leruo, the alleged killer of their parents, is still alive. Sihle remains tight-lipped, leaving Bandile grappling with the family’s shattered legacy.

Sihle tells Bandile everything, including her findings at Leruo’s house. He admonishes her for bringing disgrace to the family, urging her to take corrective action to restore her honour. Sihle remains sceptical about Leruo’s involvement in the situation.

Bandile’s quest for vengeance

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Determined to avenge the past, Bandile embarks on a quest for vengeance, seeking justice. A deadly twist unfolds as he takes matters into his own hands, targeting Leruo and Moretlo. However, Sihle has already dispatched someone to warn the Sotho man that Bandile is after him.

When Bandile arrives, he doesn’t find Leruo, but Tlali’s spy Mosa leads them to where they are and what follows after is a deadly shootout, leaving a trail of bloodshed. Bandile hits Moretlo’s mother, and Leruo survives once again. 

Tlali and Dlamini form an alliance

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Amidst the chaos, Tlali’s patience continues to wear thin, leading to an unexpected move with Nyakallo. They approach Dlamini, telling him about Leruo’s involvement in the deaths of the Top Four and his intimate ties with Sihle. This comes as a shock to Dlamini as Sihle just got married to his son, Kwanele. He agrees to work with Tlali and a stage is set for the war we’ve been waiting for.

Outlaws leaves us with burning questions. What will become of Bandile’s quest for justice? How will the alliance between Tlali, Nyakallo, and Dlamini reshape the power dynamics?

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