Outlaws Season 1 episodes 29-30 recap: Tlali unleashes chaos

By Xabiso Ngqabe13 December 2023

Outlaws Season 1 episodes 29-30 recap: Tlali unleashes chaos

This week’s episodes of Outlaws on Showmax turned up the heat. Tlali takes centre stage as he wreaks havoc, Bandile finds himself entangled in a web of secrets, and Leruo’s whole world comes crashing down. Let’s dive into the drama, the laughs, and the unexpected twists that made this week’s Outlaws episodes unmissable.

What happened in Outlaws episodes 27-28?

Bandile went through an emotional rollercoaster as he faced the challenge of a terrible outbreak in the farm, leading to a fight with Sephamola. Meanwhile, Leruo stepped into a new territory while taking with him all of Tlali’s cattle raiders.

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Now this week in Outlaws, a visit from someone Bandile adores eases his sadness while Tlali starts another fight he’s not equipped for. Tlali hits Leruo where he least expected, while Nolwandle’s sixth sense is awakened.

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Tlali’s turmoil

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Tlali discovers that his cattle raiders have abandoned him for Leruo. Fueled by anger, he declares blood, but it’s Nyakallo who advises him to take his time. “We need to think about this carefully. We need a foolproof plan to get Leruo out of the way,” says Nyakallo. 

When Tlali sees Leruo at the tavern, an explosive fight between the two ensues, culminating in a twist that leaves us questioning who will emerge victorious in this deadly family feud.

Moments later, Tlali holds Moretlo hostage, sending chills down Leruo’s spine. The cousins face off with guns pointed at each other, but Tlali pulls a sneaky move, thanks to Ntjapedi who arrives to save Leruo and Moretlo. But Nyakallo appears out of nowhere and shoots the old man, making him meet his demise. It’s more bodies for Nyakallo, who vowed to be Tlali’s do or die. 

Bandile’s marriage hang in the balance

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Bandile’s world is a complex web of personal struggles and mounting pressure. His marriage is on thin ice, with Detective Hlophe continuing to spend nights with him. As he navigates this challenge, his wife finally comes back home with their daughter and that helps lift his spirits.

But days after his wife returns home, Detective Hlophe’s unexpected visit raises Nolwandle’s eyebrows. The wine bottle she brings makes matters even worse, leaving Bandile’s wife wondering about the true purpose of her visit.

Tlali’s chess move

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In a surprising turn of events, Tlali visits Bandile and drops a bomb on him. He spills the beans about the fact that Leruo is in fact Sefofane, who is said to have killed Bandile’s parents. Bandile doesn’t want to hear from the Sotho guy and asks him to leave. Tlali urges him to ask his sister who Leruo Ts’eole is. Besides the fact that Bandile doesn’t know that he is in fact looking at the person who killed his parents, Tlali has just pitted Leruo against the Biyelas, leaving Sihle with a lot of explaining to do.

With each episode delivering twists and turns, viewers are left eagerly anticipating the next instalment. What lies ahead for Tlali, Leruo, and Bandile? Only time will tell. So, grab your popcorn, settle in, and brace yourself for the rollercoaster ride that is Outlaws – the drama that keeps you guessing until the very end.

All episodes of Outlaws are now streaming on Showmax.

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