Outlaws episodes 25-26 recap: A feast of two epic weddings

By Xabiso Ngqabe29 November 2023

Outlaws episodes 25-26 recap: A feast of two epic weddings

In this week’s episodes of the thrilling drama Outlaws, the plot thickens as weddings and unexpected twists unfold. Love is in the air as Sihle and Kwanele prepare to tie the knot, while Tlali’s relationship with Nyakallo takes an unexpected turn, leaving us questioning the fate of our beloved characters.

What happened in Outlaws episodes 23-24?

Sihle apologised to Kwanele and fostered peace between the Biyelas and the Dlaminis. On the other hand, Tlali took his misdeeds to Gauteng, and cheated on Nyakallo. The Top Four issued a stern warning to Lebua about the consequences they stand to face if his son continues to steal from his own people.  

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Now in Outlaws, Bandile faces a new and unexpected challenge while Nyakallo refuses to lose. It’s a feast of two epic weddings as vows are exchanged while Bandile’s own vows are being broken.

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Let’s recap this week’s episodes of Outlaws. 

Nyakallo’s quest for love and attention

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The episode kicks off with Nyakallo’s unwavering determination to win Tlali’s heart. Her mother, who is a sangoma, provides her muti, to aid in winning back Tlali. Nyakallo’s ultimate goal is to secure marriage into the Ts’eole family, by any means necessary. But will her mother’s magical efforts be enough to secure her desired future with Tlali? 

A date is set for a wedding bliss

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Love is in full bloom as Sihle and Kwanele joyfully set a wedding date. Sihle agrees to resign from her job as a doctor after the wedding, dedicating herself to her marriage with Kwanele. However, doubts and tears follow, leading to a heated exchange with Aunt Deli. Will Sihle’s sacrifice for family harmony prove to be a blessing or a curse?

Tlali’s reckless revelation

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Meanwhile in Lesotho, tension rises upon Tlali’s return from Gauteng. Joining the council with the Top Four, and his father, he faces accusations of stealing from the Basothos. A heated confrontation ensues, escalating to a standoff between Tlali and the Top Four, with everyone brandishing guns. 

Moments later, the Top Four hold Tlali and his father captive, tying them to a tree beside a burning fire. Nyakallo swoops in at the right time, shooting the Top Four and then turning the tables on Tlali. She makes a demand that leaves Tlali with no choice but to agree – she wants marriage. Tlali agrees, but at what cost?

An epic Zulu Wedding 

Kwanele and Sihle tie the knot in Outlaws

Amid the chaos, Sihle and Kwanele’s Zulu wedding unfolds in grandeur. The couple exchanged vows, marking the beginning of their journey as newlyweds. However, Bandile’s vows are shattered as his wife still refuses to return home. 

Lobola, celebrations, and unanswered questions 

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Meanwhile in Lesotho, Tlali pays lobola to Nyakallo and the families celebrate this momentous occasion.  At this point, the fate of the Top Four also remains a mystery while Moretlo and Leruo are still in hiding. Nyakallo and Tlali, armed with guns, vow to conquer the world, and form a formidable alliance.

As the credits roll, Outlaws leaves us with a cascade of unanswered questions. Will Sihle regret leaving her medical career to start a life as a Dlamini wife? Can Nyakallo and Tlali’s passionate alliance endure the trials ahead?

Outlaws keeps getting heated, promising more love, drama, and unforeseen twists. Buckle up, because next week’s episodes are sure to leave us demanding more answers in this twisty epic drama.

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