Outlaws Season 1 episodes 23-24: “I’m ready to get married”

By Xabiso Ngqabe22 November 2023

Outlaws Season 1 episodes 23-24: “I’m ready to get married”

This week’s episodes of Outlaws arrive with just enough drama to have us hanging on the edge of our seats. We pick up with Sihle waking up at home, but she is still dodging the questions about her mysterious disappearance. But Aunt Deli is not one to be fooled by her tricks. In a serious heart-to-heart, she urges Sihle to get her act together, and is convinced that Sihle was away with a man.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Phumeza, who is Sihle’s voice of reason, also speaks some sense to her when she advises her to marry Kwanele while keeping her shady past a secret. Will Sihle take the plunge and decide to come clean, or will she vow to forever hold her peace?

What happened in Outlaws episodes 21-22?

The star-crossed lovers reconnected but Leruo’s skeletons caught up with him as Sihle found out he’s the one who shot her. Moretlo and Leruo are on the run while Bandile’s wife also packed her bags and left. Sihle finally came back home but didn’t want to disclose where she had disappeared to nor is she telling anyone about her latest revelations about the Basothos.

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Now this week in Outlaws, Sihle tries to put her life back together and it’s clear that Bandile’s victory comes at a high cost. Sihle is determined to foster peace between the Biyelas and Dlaminis. Meanwhile, in Lesotho, Tlali lets money go to his head.

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Let’s recap this week’s episodes on Outlaws.

Free at last or calm before the storm?

Thembinkosi Mthembu as Bandile Biyela in Outlaws is now streaming on Showmax

Bergville is buzzing with joy as farmers commend Bandile for leading them to a much safer farming environment. With Bandile at the helm, the farmers have the right weapons to protect themselves against the cattle raiders and a week has gone by without any cows missing.

“When you go to bed at night and wake up in the morning, then you stretch. You look at your kraal and all your livestock is still intact. That’s such a beautiful feeling,” says one farmer. But can this peace last, or is it just the calm before a storm of cattle raids still to fall upon them?

The Top Four plan their next move

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The Top four, now including their new member, Tlali’s father Lebua, have a deep discussion about the Zulus. Lebua wants them to strike, while other members of this council think it’s best for them to chill until the right time. 

However, in a rebellious move, Tlali not only disobeys the council but also starts stealing cows from his very own people. With money in his hand, Tlali heads to Joburg for a wild night out with Mosa. Looks like Tlali has let money go to his head. If there’s one person who is not pleased with Tlali’s latest moves, it’s his recent partner in crime, Nyakallo, who feels betrayed by him to the core.

Sihle’s tears 

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Sihle’s attempt to apologise to Kwanele crashes and burns. When Sihle shows up at Kwanele’s doorstep, she doesn’t get the warm welcome she was hoping for. Kwanele demands the truth about Sihle’s disappearance. He asks Sihle to tell him who she has been sleeping with all this time. The Zulu doctor goes into full-on “deny, deny, deny” mode.

Over breakfast, Sihle spills and tells the family about her failed attempt to get forgiveness from Kwanele. She asks the family to rally behind her, and to plan a meeting with the Dlaminis to help foster peace between the families. But will the Dlaminis cooperate after such an embarrassment or will this pave the way for some peace?

Sihle and Kwanele back together

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At the meeting, Aunt Deli and Uncle Emmanuel admit to Sihle’s wrongdoings but ask the Dlaminis to empathise with Sihle and that they would accept any penalty thrown at them. The family meeting takes a dramatic turn when Sihle drops a bombshell on everyone – she tells them that the main reason she left home is because she felt unsafe after getting shot. Blackmailing her way to sympathy, she mentions that she booked herself into a hotel in Durban and decided to shut her loved ones out. 

The meeting ends with celebration as both families reach common ground and wedding bells begin to ring. But will Sihle stick to her decision to marry Kwanele or will Leruo make a comeback and disrupt this arrangement? 

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