Outlaws Season 1 episodes 21-22 recap: Leruo’s skeletons fall out of the closet

By Xabiso Ngqabe15 November 2023

Outlaws Season 1 episodes 21-22 recap: Leruo’s skeletons fall out of the closet

The wild ride of Outlaws continues, where every plot twist is a punch to the gut. If you thought last week’s episodes were intense, buckle up, because this week turns the tension up a notch. 

What happened in Outlaws episodes 19-20?

Leruo and Tseko embarked on a new life in Gauteng but things took a wild turn when one of their own got killed in a shootout. Sihle also faced a near-death experience but Letsha swooped in and helped. Last week’s episodes ended with the two star-crossed lovers finding their way backinto each other’s arms again.

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Now this week in Outlaws, Leruo’s skeletons catch up with him while Sihle finds her cow’s bell in the most unlikely of places. Dreams crumble as Sihle and Bandile are forced to deal with what their choices really mean. 

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Let’s dive into the suspense in this week’s recap of Outlaws.

Star-crossed lovers reunite 

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This week kicks off where we left off, with Sihle and Leruo reigniting their connection. But Mosa sees the couple and wastes no time running to Tlali to spill the beans. The young man drops a bombshell about Leruo’s involvement with a Zulu girl. 

Tlali becomes suspicious and bribes the young man so that he can continue spying on Leruo and find out more about this Zulu girl. Will Tlali go out to look for Sihle and do the unthinkable, just like he did when he killed the Biyelas?

Leruo’s skeletons in the closet

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The tension rises as Sihle opens up about her painful past to Leruo, unaware that Leruo harbours a sinister secret. But, as love blossoms, Tlali continues to dig deeper into this mysterious girl’s identity.

His investigation leads him to Letsha’s doorstep, unveiling secrets that could shatter the fragile peace. He investigates the doctor who spent a night at the village. Letsha doesn’t spill but when Tlali shows her a gun, we can only imagine how much she ended up telling him.

Cow’s bell in the most unlikely of places

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Sihle’s world comes crashing down when she stumbles upon her cow’s bell at Leruo’s place. Tlali seizes the moment to weave a web of lies, exposing Leruo as the mastermind behind the death of Sihle’s parents and the ongoing cattle theft. Tears spill out of Sihle’s eyes as she realises she’s been sharing her bed with an enemy.

Meanwhile, Leruo awakens to the fallout of Sihle’s discovery and confides in his mother, but will their secrets catch up with them? Moretlo suggests they pack their bags and flee the country. In a parallel story, Bandile and his wife clash over the fate of the Biyela farm. Nolwandle packs her bags, takes her daughter and leaves Bandile alone as he grapples with the consequences of his choices.

Tough times are lasting

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Sihle comes back home to find Bandile all alone, torn between moving on and holding onto hope. His wife has left together with their daughter, while Aunt Deli and Uncle Emmanuel aren’t pleased with him about his decisions regarding the farm. If you think that’s all, Bandile also tells Sihle the Dlaminis demand their lobola together with the R2 million debt the Biyelas owe to them.

Bandile wonders where Sihle has been. She tells him a lie, unwilling to say that she’s been in Lesotho with a man who is their greatest enemy. The episode ends with the siblings not knowing how they’re going to come out of this. Will Sihle come clean and tell Bandile about what she has discovered?

As the plot thickens, we’re left with burning questions. Will Sihle confront the truth and can Leruo redeem himself?

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