Outlaws episodes 19-20 recap: A Johannesburg-based twist of fate

8 November 2023

Outlaws episodes 19-20 recap: A Johannesburg-based twist of fate

In a world where danger lurks around every corner, survival becomes the ultimate goal in this week’s episodes of Outlaws, as Leruo goes on a thrilling journey through the unpredictable streets of Gauteng. Outlaws episodes 19-20 come with intense and jaw-dropping moments that have made this show a must-watch sensation.

What happened in Outlaws episodes 17-18?

In the previous episodes, Bandile and his wife stood on the brink of selling the Biyela farm to Dumisani but a last-minute decision led them to retain the farm. An alliance between Leabua and the Top Four was formed when he spilled the beans about Moretlo’s blunders and gave them money. While Sihle was out looking for Leruo in Lesotho, the latter decided to embark on a new life in Gauteng.

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Now this week in Outlaws, Leruo and Tseko start a new life in Johannesburg, only to find themselves in the middle of a war. Meanwhile, Sihle gets more than she bargained for as she follows her heart and her luck finally turns. 

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Join us as we delve into this week’s episodes of Outlaws.

First day in Gauteng

Leruo and Tseko land in Gauteng, starry-eyed and ready to embark on a new life. But little do they know that their journey is about to take a wild turn. Upon arriving in Johannesburg, Tseko’s cousin is nowhere to be found. Hours later, Addington (played by Zenzo Ngqobe) enters the scene, and things are about to get interesting.

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When they get to Addington’s house, his girlfriend doesn’t give them the welcome they would expect. Will they find the peace they seek in this new city, or are their troubles only beginning?

Sihle grapples with danger

Sihle, on the quest to find Leruo, faces her own share of misadventures. Her car trouble turns into a near-disastrous encounter with thugs, but Letsha (played by Nyaleng Thibedi) swoops in as a good Samaritan. In a twist of fate, Sihle finds herself staying with Letsha and her family.

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Word spreads that Sihle is a doctor, and suddenly, a stream of patients appears at her door. We also discover the shocking twist that Letsha is Addington’s wife. He had also moved to Johannesburg to look for greener pastures. Sihle tells Letsha she is looking for Leruo, unaware that the men are joined together at this very moment.

A day to remember

Addington and the gang set out in search of work at the mine but receive a cold welcome. However, that’s not the worst of it. Unexpectedly, as fate would have it, chaos erupts at the mine, leaving a trail of death and despair. 

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Addington gets shot and the gents continue running for their lives when they start hearing police sirens coming their way. They opt to return home after realising that Joburg is not a place for the faint-hearted and that it didn’t live up to their initial expectations. 

Sihle’s clue

As Sihle has disappeared into thin air, her brother, Bandile, is left with a voicemail and a growing worry. Will he discover her whereabouts before it’s too late? Meanwhile, Letsha tells Sihle that her cousin knows where Leruo stays and will guide her to where he is.

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Just as Leruo returns home, Sihle appears at his doorstep and they embrace each other. The episode ends with them in each other’s arms after both surviving near-death experiences.

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