Outlaws Season 1 episodes 17-18 recap: Family drama and a web of deceit

By Xabiso Ngqabe1 November 2023

Outlaws Season 1 episodes 17-18 recap: Family drama and a web of deceit

In the latest episodes of the hit series Outlaws, family ties are tested to the core. In episodes 17-18, things take a turn when Bandile and Sephamola embark on a wild quest to invade the Sothos, all while seeking to dig up more on the notorious Top Four. 

What happened in Outlaws episodes 15-16?

Bandile’s unwavering determination to find the men who shot his sister continues, but he’s still unaware that Sihle’s secret lover is the mastermind behind the shooting and cattle raids. As the Biyelas grappled with the aftermath of Sihle’s gunshot wound, Leruo felt guilty for shooting the love of his life. 

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Now this week on Outlaws, time is ticking as Bandile and his wife attempt to sell the family farm. But their hopes are shattered when the salesman tells them they can only get up to R9 million. Bandile’s response? A not-so-subtle one as he tells the guy to leave, and a big argument with his wife ensues. Bandile doesn’t want to sell it at that price and it’s clear that his wife just wants them to sell and start afresh, without violence.

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Let’s recap this week’s episodes of Outlaws

Leabua visits the Top Four

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A surprising turn of events takes place when Leabua pays a surprise visit to the notorious Top Four. You won’t believe what he’s got up his sleeve. He spills the beans on the Zulu attacks, pointing fingers at Moretlo and Leruo for their blunders. But wait, there’s a twist to his visit! Leabua tells the Top Four that he and Tlali have started their own crew of raiders. He asks for their blessings and has brought cash as an offering. Just like that, an alliance is formed.

When Tlali visits Moretlo and Leruo, he flexes his brand-new car and reveals that his dad is now in cahoots with the Top Four, and the cash is pouring in. Moretlo is far from thrilled, pointing fingers at Leruo’s Zulu love affair. But Leruo is not interested in any of the cattle-theft business after almost killing his Zulu girl.

A fresh start

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While Sihle embarks on a mission to find Leruo, the Sotho hunk is drowning his sorrows and complaining about Tlali. He swears he’s done with the cattle theft business and dreams of a fresh start somewhere far away. Tseko suggests they head to Gauteng, where his cousin can help them secure a job and escape from the life of cattle raiding that has ensnared them. A perfect escape plan takes shape as they prepare their bags for a new beginning.

A game-changing offer

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Bandile confides in Dumisani about the challenges of selling the farm and his desperation to make it happen. Dumisani tosses an offer into the ring that could change everything –  he is willing to buy the farm. However, there’s a catch – he’ll provide R5 million upfront and an additional R10 million within two to three years. If my memory serves me well, the Biyelas still owe the Dlaminis R2 million that Bheki Biyela borrowed from Dumisani before he passed on. Not to forget the lobola they have paid for Sihle.

But after giving it a deeper thought, Bandile decides to keep the farm. Oh, and by the way, Sihle seems to have disappeared into thin air. 

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