Outlaws Season 1 episodes 7-8 recap: Torn between two hearts

By Xabiso Ngqabe27 September 2023

Outlaws Season 1 episodes 7-8 recap: Torn between two hearts

The latest episodes of Outlaws are now streaming on Showmax, and they’re packed with more twists, and drama than ever before. If you haven’t caught up with Outlaws yet, you’re missing out on a rollercoaster of emotions. 

Sihle is finding herself in a predicament that could change her life forever and possibly send shocking waves to a lot of people. Her fiancé, Kwanele, is ready to take the plunge and marry her. However, there’s a twist in the tale – she’s falling in love with Leruo. In this gripping love triangle, will she choose to follow her heart or duty? Furthermore, how will she react when she finds out that the same guy she’s in love with had a hand in the tragedy that took her parents’ lives?

What happened in Outlaws episode 5-6? 

In episodes 5-6 of Outlaws, the Zulu and Basotho deadly showdown led to a harrowing shootout that left six Sotho men dead and Sephamola injured. Meanwhile, Tlali and his goons pulled yet another cattle raid. We finally met the notorious Top 4, who were not pleased with their member, Moretlo’s, actions in the escalating war brewing between the Zulus and the Basothos. The episode ended with Leruo and Sihle on horseback riding to an unknown location.

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Now this week in Outlaws Season 1, Sihle tells Kwanele she’s ready to get married, while Leruo tries and fails to get her to talk to him. The lobola negotiations are underway and Emmanuel is at the helm of it. Will everything proceed smoothly with no hitches? Well, strap in as we dive into the recap of episodes 7-8 in the world of Outlaws.

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Episode 6: Sihle’s heartstrings are in a tug of war

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Sihle finds herself in a heart-wrenching predicament. She’s standing at the crossroads of love and loyalty, torn between her Zulu fiancé, Kwanele, and her growing affection for Basotho hunk Leruo. As Leruo accompanies Sihle back home, Phumzile spots them together looking cozy and their chemistry is sizzling. They exchange numbers before Leruo realises he doesn’t have his phone with him and decides to memorise it by heart.

Sihle confirms marriage with Kwanele

Sihle’s visit to the Dlamini family takes a positive turn when Kwanele’s father shows her an old picture of her parents. The emotional moment prompts Sihle to make a life-altering decision: she’s ready to get married to Kwanele. But is she truly prepared for what’s to come?

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Back at the Biyela house, Bandile shakes things up by appointing uncle Emmanuel as deputy farm manager. But a surprise delivery from the Dlamini family disrupts the peace. A letter arrives from Kwanele, asking for Sihle’s hand in marriage, and tensions rise as uncle Emmanuel wants to head the lobola negotiations. 

Nyakallo breaks up with Leruo

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While Sihle’s lobola negotiations are underway, Tlali goes on a rogue raiding mission, ruthlessly murdering a farmer and stealing several cows. Meanwhile, troubles arise in Leruo’s relationship with his longtime girlfriend Nyakallo (played by Seipati Mahamu). She has noticed that Leruo is no longer interested in her and this comes after she asked him for a baby and he refused.

When Leruo and Phumzile cross paths, she spills the beans about Sihle’s impending marriage and being in love with a Zulu man. With this newfound knowledge, will Leruo be determined to persist in his pursuit of Sihle?

Episode 7:  Lobola negotiation under way

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Uncle Emmanuel doesn’t hold back during the lobola negotiations, demanding a hefty dowry of two hundred cows for Sihle. The negotiations hit a snag, but Bandile’s intervention saves the day. Both families finally reach a conclusion and the lobola money is paid.

Long-distance love

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Leruo initiates a call to Sihle, who answers but remains silent. However, the call takes an unexpected turn as Sihle puts the phone aside and Leruo can hear her breathing. He skilfully seduces her with passionate words expressing his desire for intimacy. 

Sihle becomes increasingly aroused by Leruo’s sweet words, but abruptly ends the call and throws her phone away after realising she has crossed moral boundaries. Remember, she’s about to marry another man, with lobola being paid already.

Will Sihle choose love or duty? How will Leruo and Tlali navigate their internal conflicts? All episodes of Outlaws are now streaming on Showmax.

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