Outlaws episodes 5-6 recap: “The heart wants what it wants”

By Xabiso Ngqabe20 September 2023

Outlaws episodes 5-6 recap: “The heart wants what it wants”

It’s that time of the week again, folks. New episodes of Outlaws have dropped and they serve all the drama as Sihle and Leruo’s developing love story has everyone reaching for the tissues. As we ride further into this gripping story, tensions rise, and characters continue to drop like flies. So, hang on to your Stetsons as we recap the latest action-packed episodes of Outlaws, now streaming on Showmax.

South Africa’s very first contemporary Western series is still holding the number-one spot on Showmax and giving shows like The Mommy Club, This Body Works For Me, Unfollowed, and Yellowstone a run for their money. 

What happened in Outlaws episode 3-4?

In episode 3-4 of Outlaws, Bandile finally found Mafafa and killed him after he spilled the beans about his parents’ tragic demise. Sparks continue to fly between Leruo and Sihle when he goes to find his bracelet at the hospital. Meanwhile, Moretlo hears about Tlali’s deadly deeds and we meet Tlali’s father, Lebua,  who pleads with Moretlo to consider him in the business. We also learnt that Moretlo is part of the powerful group referred to as the Top 4. 

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This week, Bandile and Sephamola’s relentless pursuit of Sefofane takes them on a wild ride all the way to Lesotho. Meanwhile, Leruo and Sihle’s dance with destiny takes an unexpected twist as Leruo finds himself arrested.

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Without wasting much time, let’s saddle up and recap the thrilling Outlaws episodes 5-6 that have kept us all on the edge of our seats!

Episode 5: Love and trouble in the air

Leruo and Sihle in Outlaws episode 6 now on Showmax

While Bandile is busy chasing down cattle raiders, the love story between Leruo and Sihle continues to keep us on the edge of our seats. In a classic cowboy move, Leruo dedicates a song titled “Noka” to Sihle, only to have the romantic moment shattered by the arrival of the cops, as if things couldn’t get any worse. He leaves Sihle with a piece of advice, “Set your heart free. The heart wants what it wants.”

Turns out, Phumzile is the one who called the cops on Leruo. Sihle is fuming over Phumzile’s decision to involve the cops in Leruo’s troubles. She believes Leruo is innocent, but Phumzile remains unapologetic. “Because he’s a criminal, Sihle. If he wasn’t a criminal, he wouldn’t have run away. Or even break into your office.” says Phumzile (played by Shaka iLembe breakout star Luyanda Zwane).

Episode 6: The Zulu and Basotho showdown

Bandile in Outlaws S1 now on Showmax

Bandile and Sephamola gear up for a showdown with the Basotho, but Tlali’s cunning tricks lead them astray. They arrive at the house and find the guy called Sefofane, leading to a harrowing shootout that leaves six Sotho men dead. 

This is what Bandile and Sephamola are not aware of – when Tlali received a call from Sephamola, who was keen on unraveling the truth about Sefofane, it didn’t take him long to realise that he is indeed one of the people the Zulus are searching for. However, he steered his long-time friend Sephamola towards another individual who happens to share the name Sefofane, ensuring that any potential trouble remains at a distance from him and his family.

Episode 6: Unveiling secrets and brewing tensions

Outlaws is on Showmax

After the shootout, Sephamola is injured and Sihle wants him to be rushed to hospital but Bandile hesitates, fearing the consequences of Sephamola’s illegal immigrant status. It’s a race against time to heal his wounds and keep their secrets buried.

As the dust settles, Bandile reveals that the people who killed their parents are already dead. Sihle is not pleased with the secret-keeping, but Bandile stands firm in his decision. 

Cattle-raiding continues

Outlaws S1 is on Showmax

Meanwhile, Tlali and his gang are on a mission to steal more cattle, this time from another Zulu family. When the Basotho raiders arrived at night, this family wisely decided not to retaliate and let the cattle raiders off with 15 cows. It’s all in a day’s work in the lawless frontier.

Bandile engages in a conversation with a fellow victim of the Basotho raids, plotting their next move against their foes.

A twist in the tale and Moretlo’s looming threat

Outlaws S1 is on Showmax

Moretlo’s involvement in the deadly events of the Zulus raises concerns among the powerful Top 4. The other three members of this notorious group are growing weary of the escalating war, and Moretlo’s actions could tip the scales.

Sihle’s pursuit of Leruo takes a surprising turn when she discovers he’s been deported without any charges against him. Despite the chaos around them, their paths cross again, and sparks fly as they ride into the unknown on horseback.

Leruo and Sihle in Outlaws episode 6 now on Showmax

Outlaws is galloping ahead of the pack on Showmax, and with each episode, it’s clear that this epic drama is a force to be reckoned with. Join the ride as we eagerly await the next episodes in this thrilling war.

For more information about Outlaws, check out the Outlaws cast. All the episodes of Outlaws are now streaming on Showmax.

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