Outlaws Season 1 episodes 3-4 recap: Oh, I love a Zulu girl

By Xabiso Ngqabe13 September 2023

Outlaws Season 1 episodes 3-4 recap: Oh, I love a Zulu girl

Hold onto your saddles, because we have a new fan-favourite in town, and it’s got the 5am gang buzzing with excitement. Last week, Showmax’s epic drama series Outlaws premiered with a swagger, with intent on taking its place as another great historical reference in South Africa’s TV history. It’s currently at #1 on Showmax’s Top 20.

The show boasts Thembinkosi Mthembu, Nolwazi Shange, Siyabonga Shibe, and Mmabatho Mogomotsi as its leads. It’s a dream cast! This stunning series delves into the gripping world of cattle theft, a phenomenon that has long been an issue along the Lesotho-South Africa border. We go on a journey with two families at war with each other, set against the backdrop of rustic farmhouses, sprawling fields, majestic horses, and the towering mountains straddling Lesotho and KwaZulu-Natal.

What happened in Outlaws episode 1-2?

In the first two episodes of Outlaws Season 1, written by talented actor and scriptwriter Chris Q Radebe, we see Basotho Leruo Ts’eole leading the charge on a cattle raiding mission, followed by a reckless escapade that turns fatal with the tragic demise of Bheki Biyela and his wife, Nandi, all thanks to the ruthless Tlali. This ignites a war that is guaranteed to rage on for generations.

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Now returning for its second double dose of twisty drama in Outlaws episodes 3-4, Bandile Biyela’s need for vengeance could cost him his family, while Sihle takes a piece of Leruo with her. Meanwhile, Mafafa is found and he finally gives Bandile the name of the Sotho man he is looking for.

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Let’s dive into this week’s action-packed episodes, complete with drama and juicy performances as the Biyela family deals with the aftermath of losing their loved ones.

Episode 3: Oh, I love a Zulu girl!

In the heart-pounding episode, which shares its name with lyrics from the song Zulu Girls by Major League DJz and the late Riky Rick, Leruo’s fate hangs in the balance. Sihle nurses Leruo’s bullet wound while getting to know him better and, as cops close in for questioning, he escapes and forgets his precious item behind, a bracelet that holds the memory of his late father.

Slindile Nodangala as Aunt Deli in Outlaws

Back at the Biyela house, the farm’s future is uncertain, as they are still facing the aftermath of losing Bheki and Nandi. Aunt Deli (played by Slindile Nodangala) together with her husband, Emmanuel (Ncibijana Madlala), are still at the house and have made a decision not to leave. Uncle Emmanuel declares, “Because we’re still mourning. We saw it best not to leave and abandon you in this situation. So, we’ve decided to stay.” Aunt Deli chimes in, “To help run the farm.”

At first, Bandile is determined to manage the farm solo, but a conversation with his wife appears to have planted a seed of change in his mind, as he seems to consider the idea of Uncle Emmanuel as the farm manager.

Tlali is up to no good

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Guilt-ridden Tlali goes on a drinking spree, splashing money around like a blesser, only to wake up with two shady women who plan to rob him of all his money. Leruo finds Tlali in time to chase away the scheming ladies and saves Tlali from being finessed. It’s just another reason for Leruo to keep a wary eye on Tlali.

Meanwhile, Moretlo discovers what Tlali has done to the Biyelas and, in a heartfelt declaration, announces her abandonment of him. Here we also find out Moretlo’s deep-seated resentment towards the Zulus, which stems from their involvement in the death of Leruo’s father.

Episode 4: Sotho boy driving me crazy

Sihle grapples with grief and grows increasingly annoyed with people giving her condolences, to a point where she is not even as excited about her soon-to-be husband. “My parents’ murder changed everything. Everything I’d planned scares me,” Sihle opens up to Kwanele.

Lehlohonolo Mayeza as Leruo in Outlaws

Back in Lesotho, Leruo tells one of his goons about a Zulu girl he met during his near-death experience. “I was dying. I really was. She started talking to me and I looked into her eyes. I’ve never seen such beauty,” says Leruo, describing how he fell in love at first sight. Tseko reminds him that Moretlo would disown him if she ever found out he was falling for a Zulu girl. He saddles up and embarks on a wild ride all the way to Zululand in pursuit of his Zulu queen.

At this very moment, the cinematography in this episode is a visual feast, capturing those vast and mostly empty landscapes, where any sign of human existence tends to catch the eye. 

Lebua speaks for Tlali

Gift Leotlela as Lebua in Outlaws

Despite Tlali’s long list of misdeeds, his father, Lebua (Gift Leotlela), believes he’s just young and making mistakes. Unfazed by Tlali murdering the Zulus, he instead blames Leruo. Moretlo tries to show him the heat that this could bring to their operation. It becomes a blame game between the two, each defending their own son’s actions. 

Lebua demands money for the cattle Tlali brought, but tensions escalate when Leruo arrives, sparking a fierce family feud between him and his uncle.

Bandile finds Mafafa

Much of this week involves Bandile trying to find out who is the mole in their camp. After a deadly chase, Mafafa finally reveals the name of the Sotho man Bandile is looking for. But Bandile doesn’t let him off the hook. In a heart-throbbing climax, he puts two bullets straight into the traitor’s chest as vengeance for his parents’ tragic demise. 

Thembinkosi Mthembu as Bandile Biyela in Outlaws

And once again, Thembinkosi Mthembu is insanely good on this show, especially in moments of Bandile’s helplessness and grief while dealing with his parents’ passing. If Mthembu is not winning awards for this role, expect an uproar from the 5am gang.

No turning back for Sihle

Leruo is back at the hospital to look for his bracelet and also to get his Zulu girl, who happens to be in possession of the bracelet. Sihle is completely smitten when she sees Leruo again and can’t bear to have him out of her sight. 

Nirvana Nokwe-Mseleku as Sihle Biyela in Outlaws

When he serenades her with a heartfelt song, it moves her to tears. In this episode, the rising talents Nirvana Nokwe-Mseleku and Lehlohonolo Mayeza truly shine. Kudos to the casting director Keneilwe Matidze, for assembling an incredible Outlaws cast, who breathe life into their characters with sheer brilliance.

All the episodes of Outlaws are now on streaming on Showmax. Also check out Nirvana Nokwe-Mseleku’s interview about her role.

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