Papa Penny Ahee S3-4
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20 August 2019

Papa Penny Ahee S3-4

Shangaan disco king Papa Penny Penny returns for yet another colourful season of his reality show. In Season 3, he becomes a father for the 25th time as he and his wife, Mama Nomi, celebrate the birth of their baby boy.

The season also comes with a lot of unexpected drama as the disco king finally presents his divorce papers to his ex-wife from whom he has been separated for over 19 years.

But wait, it gets even juicier!

In an unexpected turn of events, Papa Penny Penny proposes that he takes a second wife, but Mama Nomi is not happy about it, especially considering that the woman in question is his wife’s 24-year-old younger sister.

In Season 4 we continue to follow this blended family’s journey.

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