Praise is out in the latest Big Brother Naija eviction

24 August 2020

Praise is out in the latest Big Brother Naija eviction

As usual, the Big Brother Naija Sunday eviction show, which was live-streamed on Showmax, was riddled with tension for the housemates. 

Prior to the eviction show Biggie, who was on vacation last week, replayed videos of housemates flouting the rules in his absence. He then issued strikes to Erica, Kiddwaya, Ozo and Tolanibaj for whispering and not staying/overstaying in the Head of House lounge respectively. He also excluded Erica, Tolanibaj and Kiddwaya from participating in the Head of House games, and punished the housemates for bad conduct.

The live eviction show kicked off with Ebuka grilling the housemates on recent happenings in the house before moving on to the eviction proper.

Here’s what went down.

Ousting the gossips

Ebuka, the master table shaker started the show by interrogating some housemates on side talks that happened during the week. Social media went into a frenzy, congratulating him for a job well done.

He congratulated Kiddwaya on winning the Head of House challenge and asked him why a lot of the housemates said he was power drunk during his reign. Kiddwaya said he believes he did well as he is a very relaxed person and did not force anyone to do anything. He then directed Ebuka to ask those housemates what they meant by the statement. Ebuka made reference to the fight he had with the housemates during wager rehearsals in which he made a statement that caused an uproar. Kiddwaya replied that he apologized for his words and admitted that he made some insensitive comments, but it was from a place of love.

Ebuka went on to Tolanibaj and asked why she did not want to be in the same group as Lucy in the Hawaii soap task. At first she denied saying that, insisting it was not about Lucy, but rather she did not want to be in Team Gold. Ebuka persisted and she finally agreed that she had actually said that, because she believes Lucy is not easy to work with and she had people who could attest to that too.

Ebuka moved on to Brighto aka Lord Baelish, a name given to him by fans for his scheming. Ebuka asked him about the conversation he had with Kiddwaya where he said he felt Neo was pretending or being fake. Brighto said he couldn’t remember saying that. Ebuka slyly asked him if he was being a chicken now or saying Ebuka was lying and Brighto maintained that he did not say that. Fans found this hilarious and social media has been hot after that denial.

Ebuka went on to Lucy. He asked her how she felt about Praise. She said it was a like-dislike situation between them but for now she likes him.

The eviction process 

Viewers voted to save their favourite housemates and the four with the fewest votes were up for eviction.

Ebuka announced that the housemates were to save at least one person. He then went on to call the four housemates up for eviction: Trickytee, Wathoni, Praise and Vee. He added that if there was a tie while voting, the Head of House would be given a special tie breaker vote. Wishing them good luck, he handed them over to Big Brother to begin the nomination process.

Praise becomes the sixth evicted housemate

After the housemates had voted, Ebuka announced the sixth evictee for the season. He mischievously called Vee first and after a long pause, he said she was saved. He then announced Praise as the sixth evictee. Amidst tears and hugs, the housemates bade him goodbye.

Post eviction interview

Following his eviction from the house, Praise joined Ebuka on stage for an interview. Asked how he felt, he responded that he was fine and that he feels blessed that he made it this far. He added that he was only sad that he was evicted on the day his brother died. Ebuka asked him what happened between himself and Ka3na and he said they had an understanding as both of them were aware of their lives outside the house.

After watching his highlights in the house, Ebuka asked him about Lucy and Wathoni and what was brewing before he left. He said he was surprised Lucy liked him, considering the fact that they had issues at the beginning of the show but nothing was going to happen between them in the house. For Wathoni, he responded that she is his spec but no one was competing with his fiancé as everything was fun and games with the ladies.

After the round of questions, Praise shared that he was going back to the drawing board to strategise and he intends to start a company to empower dancers in Nigeria.

Another round of table shaking

The room was filled with tension after Praise’s eviction as Trikytee, Wathoni and the other housemates waited to know who would go next. After much suspense, Ebuka announced that no one was going home, much to the joy of Wathoni and Trikytee who fell to the ground in relief. Ebuka then proceeded to shake more tables.

Ebuka jokingly asked Vee if they were having poundo or semo to which she responded that they were having sleep after the show. This was in regard to the fight she had with Neo recently over food. Then he went on to ask her why she told Laycon to stay away from Erica and why she attributed Laycon’s strong feelings to Erica using jazz for him. 

She replied that she was only looking out for her friend Laycon and it was nothing personal against Erica so she did not feel the need to tell her since she already spoke to Laycon about it. She added that she feels Laycon was the one suffering so much seeing Erica and Kiddwaya together especially when they make out in front of him. As for the jazz thing, she said that was just her being extra. 

Ebuka moved on to Prince and asked him about the situation going on between himself and Tolanibaj. He made reference to a conversation where she felt she was a second choice and he called Nengi the girl he liked after the truth or dare game. He said Tolanibaj was not a second choice for him as he never made a choice so they are both an item and he intends for it to remain that way.

Parting words

After all was said and done, Ebuka advised the housemates on better ways to play the game. He told them to remember what they were there for, play the game, be trusting but be very careful. He ended by using a popular Pidgin English quote: “When your goat loss, na your neighbour compound you go first check.”

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