Red Ink Season 1 episode 7 recap: What’s in the box?

By Gen Terblanche20 March 2024

Red Ink Season 1 episode 7 recap: What’s in the box?

In the latest episode of Red Ink on Showmax, Lucy and Kagiso’s efforts to expose Kofi Mataung’’s connection to Napoleon put Lucy’s life in danger. She receives a crucial clue from Napoleon, but their investigation takes a violent turn. Here’s the recap:

Lucy won’t give up

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Lucy and KG argue with their editor to publish the story about Kofi Motaung’s link to Napoleon, but he refuses, warning them to drop it. KG suggests laying low for a while, but Lucy insists they keep pushing forward, convinced they’re onto something big.

Lucy warns her family

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Lucy warns Gary that the story she’s uncovered has put their family in jeopardy. She convinces Gary to take Khaya out of Johannesburg immediately, for their safety. She also persuades her parents to go out of town. 

Kofi turns up the heat

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Kofi orders KK to escalate the situation and teach Lucy a lesson by targeting Fundi. Fundi overhears the conversation, realising she’s in danger, and takes matters into her own hands, managing to escape.

Napoleon gives Lucy a clue

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During her visit to Napoleon in prison, Lucy confronts him with everything she knows, including his connection to Kofi Mataung. Napoleon reveals that Rachel Ramasedi was his first victim, Pinky. He provides Lucy with an address where he hid Rachel’s head.

Lucy is almost killed and KG gets shot

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After leaving the prison, Kofi’s henchman follows Lucy, causing a car crash in an attempt to kill her. Lucy and KG investigate the address provided by Napoleon in Bassonia. Things take a dramatic turn when KG gets shot. Lucy narrowly escapes as Detective Morapedi arrives.

Life returns to normal, almost

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The discovery of Rachel’s head leads to Kofi Mataung’s arrest through DNA testing. At the same time, KK is investigated and arrested for his involvement with Kofi. With Kofi and KK behind bars, it’s safe for Gary, Khaya and Lucy’s parents to return home. Lucy publishes her story and things seemingly return to normal. Except for KG, who remains in a coma. 

Napoleon and Sifiso make a master move

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Meanwhile, Dawie, the prison guard, mysteriously receives a large sum of money and starts a fire in Napoleon’s cell. However, just when it seems that Napoleon is dead, we learn the shocking truth: Sifiso has outwitted the prison authorities. We don’t know who died in the cell that night, but one thing is certain: it wasn’t Napoleon in the cell. 

Napoleon is out of prison, and he has his sights set on Lucy.

Stay tuned for next week’s gripping finale of Red Ink, only on Showmax.

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