RHOJ: Brinnette airs everyone’s dirty laundry on The Reunion Part 2

By Siyathemba Ben13 January 2020

RHOJ: Brinnette airs everyone’s dirty laundry on The Reunion Part 2

If you though the first part of The Real Housewives of Johannesburg Reunion was shocking, you better think again! The second part aired on Friday and it had many of us gasping for air. We’re not saying this just to be dramatic – it was really explosive!

Brinnette was definitely the star of the show this time around. This season we watched as she was dragged and judged by some of her co-stars, accusing her of always wanting to be hooked up with rich men and making fun of her because she lives with her mother. During the reunion, the recently divorced businesswoman had her moment to shine as she brought receipts. She didn’t hold back and was determined to defend her reputation.

Brinnette exposes Lethabo

She started by hitting back at Lethabo, who had labelled her as childish. “What upset me the most was the fact that I felt like Lethabo doesn’t even know me. She only met me now.” Brinnette made it clear that she owns property and even brought a title deed to prove it. That shut the girls up for a while!

That’s not where it ended. Things escalated after the Durban trip was brought up. Brinnette was questioned about the men she brought to the house. She claimed that those were her friends, but the ladies didn’t buy her story.

Brinnette quickly defended herself by bringing out files. She told everyone that during their stay in Durban, Lethabo didn’t even sleep at the house.

The businesswoman claimed that a man, who happens to be her friend, had booked Lethabo a hotel room and that’s where she disappeared to. The man is married, by the way. This suggests that Lethabo spent the night with the man, although there’s no proof. Lethabo denied knowing what Brinnette was talking about and explained that she was with friends.

Mrs Mops denies cheating on her husband

The bombs didn’t stop there. Next on Brinnette’s agenda was Mrs Mops. The happily married Mrs Mops judged Brinnette for “constantly” being on FaceTime with different men. “It’s like Brinnette was FaceTiming everybody. [She] would speak to these random people. I was genuinely put off by that behaviour,” she said.

Brinnette clapped back by mentioning the fact that Mrs Mops is not as perfect as she wants people to believe. Our jaws dropped when Brinnette accused Mrs Mops of cheating on her husband.

Mrs Mops denied cheating on her husband and accused Brinnette of playing dirty and being evil. We’re honestly still shocked. That’s not all, though. Part three is coming this Friday and it looks like more secrets are coming out. You can stream The Real Housewives of Johannesburg right here.

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