RHOJ: Lethabo and Brinnette bury the hatchet

31 December 2019

RHOJ: Lethabo and Brinnette bury the hatchet

The thought of Lethabo and Brinnette squashing their beef got everyone excited on The Real Housewives of Johannesburg. The two ladies have been beefing for weeks and it has even started affecting the people around them. Making up looked like a possibility on the latest episode of the hit reality show. We got a glimmer of hope when Lethabo said wonderful things about Brinnette at her 40th birthday celebration.

To everyone’s surprise, Lethabo got up and sang for Brinnette. She then surprised her co-stars when she gave a touching speech.

“With the little time we’ve had with each other, I realised that you have a beautiful heart. I wanna say may the good God bless you. More than anything, may he give you the desires of the heart… Blessings your life, girl,” she told Brinnette.

There was great excitement as it looked like the two were finally ready to put their differences aside. Even Brinnette thought the feud was over after that heartwarming speech. However, Lethabo wasn’t ready to let it go just yet. She told Mrs Mops that they didn’t make up. She explained that she meant every word she said about Brinnette at the party, but she wasn’t apologising for anything.

No bad vibes between Lethabo and Brinnette

Just as we were starting to lose hope, the two ladies then had an opportunity to speak during a dinner party a Lethabo’s house. Brinnette got a chance to explain her feelings about Lethabo’s comments. In case you’ve forgotten, Lethabo has a problem with the fact that Brinnette still lives with her mother. Brinnette got a few things off her chest and told Lethabo: “Look, I was very angry. I thought at the time you were being very insensitive. I thought out of everybody you would the one person who would understand why I would go back home.”

She also explained why she had to move back home after her divorce and added that she’s renovating her place, which she’ll be moving into. Did she have to share her plans with Lethabo? Not really. But we guess she’s tired of the unnecessary fights. For once, the ladies had a decent conversation and didn’t scream at each other.


It seems being respectful paid off because they’ve now made peace. They both agreed that there are no bad vibes. Although they didn’t hug it out, we’re glad that the ladies have let this beef go. Does this mean that they are besties now? Well, you’ll have to follow The Real Housewives of Johannesburg on Showmax to find out.

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