RHOJ: Lethabo and Brinnette’s showdown

By Siyathemba Ben3 December 2019

RHOJ: Lethabo and Brinnette’s showdown

We’re glad that the ladies manage to keep us glued to our screens every single week! Friday’s episode was filled with laughter, playful moments and of course, another confrontation.

The ladies jetted off to KwaZulu-Natal for the annual Vodacom Durban July, which is one of the country’s biggest events. This is where all the celebrities, socialites and other important people mingle and pretend to care about horses for a day. Oh, and they get to dress up too!

The housewives arrived at their home for the weekend, which was booked by Christall. She really outdid herself and got a stamp of approval from her co-stars. The newly divorced mother obviously got the biggest and most beautiful room. Lethabo and Mrs Mops also got to choose their bedrooms because they arrived before the others.

Mrs Mops throws shade at Brinnette

Brinnette came after everyone had chosen and she made a fuss about not having a room. Mrs Mops, who’s been very shady lately, told Brinnette that her room was in the maid’s quarters. Yes, those were her words.

Was that really necessary, Mrs Mops? Did things really have to go that far? Brinnette didn’t appreciate this and told Mrs Mops where to get off. But Brinnette’s troubles were far from over. While she’s been publicly going through her divorce and her struggles as a single woman, some of the other ladies don’t seem to be on her side and feel that she tends to be disrespectful at times. There have been a number of times when she rubbed her co-stars up the wrong way with her comments.

Lethabo confronts Brinnette

The ladies spoke in private and addressed their issues with each other. They spoke about Mrs Mops’ comments and how unimpressed Brinnette was. Lethabo then brought up the fact that she didn’t appreciate Brinnette saying she and her other co-stars behaved like children. The comments were made on one of the previous episodes. Lethabo is clearly still hurt and was probably hoping to get an apology. However, the ladies clearly couldn’t make peace and Lethabo left after exchanging a few unpleasant words.

Will they try to reconcile again? Only time will tell. Make sure you stream new episodes of The Real Housewives of Johannesburg every week to keep up with the drama.

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