RHOJ: Mrs Mops wants nothing to do with Tarina

By Siyathemba Ben19 November 2019

RHOJ: Mrs Mops wants nothing to do with Tarina

Christall is probably happy wherever she is because for the first time since The Real Housewives of Johannesburg aired, she wasn’t under fire. For once, Christall, who tends to get on the other ladies’ nerves, watched as drama unfolded between Tarina and Mrs Mops.

The latest episode of the popular reality show introduced us to another side of Mrs Mops and it’s not pretty. Mrs Mops (real name Nompumelelo Mophatlane) is usually soft-spoken, very nice and minds her own business. While she throws shade here and there, the prim and proper housewife never really gets on anyone’s wrong side. However, on the latest episode, she showed viewers that she doesn’t take well to being overlooked or lied to. She will show you flames!


Did Tarina exclude Mrs Mops and Lebo on purpose?

Mrs Mops snapped after hearing that some of the ladies had attended a high tea that Tarina had put together, and she was not invited. Things got awkward when both Lebo and Mrs Mops heard about the high tea from Christall. And, to make sure that she comes out looking good, Christall told both ladies that she asked Tarina why Lebo and Mrs Mops were not there.

Hmmm… Did their invites get lost in the mail? Or did Tarina just not want her co-stars there? Well, whatever the reason, Mrs Mops was not impressed and confronted Tarina.

“From what I heard is that you had your people that you wanted at the party and me and Lebo were excluded at your tea party,” Mrs Mops shouted. 

Tarina defended herself by telling the ladies that everybody was invited. But, in clip from earlier that day, when asked about Mrs Mops and Lebo’s whereabouts, Tarina is heard saying, “I think that they were involved in something else.”

The ladies aren’t buying Tarina’s story

So, what’s the way forward? Well, Mrs Mops wants to keep it real and cut all the fakeness out. Although she claimed it’s not a big deal, you can clearly see that she was touched by the whole thing.

Tarina responded by telling them that she’d love it if they all went to an event in India. This would be her way of making things right. Well, whether they honour her invite or not, one thing that they all agree on is that Tarina is a liar. It’s clear that Tarina crossed a line.

Christall throws major shade at Brinnette

Meanwhile, at another gathering, Christall threw major shade at Brinnette. As a peace offering after the Cape Town drama, Lethabo cooked a nice “seven colours” meal and took it to Christall’s house. Dinner clearly went well because Christall and Mrs Mops complimented Lethabo. The three ladies ate and also discussed the other housewives. Brinnette’s name came up and Christall had a lot to say about her. We were shocked after Christall claimed that Brinnette, who’s going through a divorce, has never been nice to her.

Christall also dropped major shade by telling the ladies that she doesn’t think Brinnette ever loved her husband. “I think she was after him for the money, and it backfired against her because he didn’t have that much money, she said.”

Ouch! Will Brinnette ever find out about this discussion? Stay glued to The Real Housewives of Johannesburg to catch all the latest drama.  

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