RHOJ: Shade? Christall doesn’t think Lethabo’s man exists

By Siyathemba Ben9 December 2019

RHOJ: Shade? Christall doesn’t think Lethabo’s man exists

A few weeks ago, Christall was all up in Brinnette’s business, telling everyone that her Real Housewives of Johannesburg co-star got married for money. That’s what she believes. And now it seems like she’s going after Lethabo.

Christall organised yet another classy event at her house and invited the ladies over. Lethabo, however, couldn’t stay for too long because she was apparently not feeling well. As soon as she left, Lethabo quickly became a topic at the dinner table, all thanks to Christall.

Does Lethabo’s man exist?

The host for the evening asked her co-stars what happened to Lethabo’s man. Uhm, we wonder why she didn’t have the guts to ask Lethabo all these questions… Or maybe she forgot to mention all of this when she was still around? Anyway, Christall said Lethabo had once mentioned that her man lived in Sweden and never spoke about him since. Does he even exist?

Mrs Mops, who’s Lethabo’s close friend, seemed to be ready for Christall’s questions and had all the answers. She confirmed that Lethabo’s man does exist and explained that he’s been around, but has been working overseas. Mrs Mops also told the ladies that Lethabo wants to get married and have children. She apparently sees her man two to three times a year. Also, Mrs Mops didn’t appreciate Christall’s questions and was rather annoyed.

Brinnette has her own drama

Lebo corroborated Mrs Mops’ story and added that Lethabo’s man came to the country earlier this year and that they even went to Limpopo together. She said Lethabo’s a private person and clearly doesn’t want everyone to know about her business.

Brinnette, on the other hand, couldn’t be bothered with this drama because she has her own relationship issues. She hasn’t hidden the fact that she’s looking for a rich man and has been trying hard to get one. Oh, and she made clear that she and Lethabo aren’t friends and they probably won’t make peace, especially after their last big argument.

Knowing Lethabo, we can definitely predict that she will not be happy when she finds out that the ladies were discussing her love life behind her back. Will she forgive the ladies for this? You can stream The Real Housewives of Johannesburg to see how this story unfolds.

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