RHOJ: The fur flies in a real cat fight

By Siyathemba Ben18 December 2019

RHOJ: The fur flies in a real cat fight

We know that Christall often stirs up drama which tends to rub the other ladies up the wrong way. Remember how she started the conversation about Lethabo’s man and asked if he even exists? Yes, that happened. But we’ll commend her for realising that she was wrong and going as far as apologising to Lethabo. Although that’s now dead and buried, Christall has once again found herself in the middle of yet another storm. This time, however, she wasn’t completely in the wrong.

Christall and her fake friends

While the ladies were celebrating Mpho’s birthday, they started chatting about everything under the sun. The conversation went from Christall acknowledging that she shouldn’t have spoken about Lethabo’s man the other day, to her talking about her bad experiences in friendship.

“I’ve had experience of being with women that have let me down terribly and I’ve had to ask myself why, why has that been happening,” she said. But the girls got so confused when Christall started talking about her “librarian” friends and they started making fun of her. She carried on talking about her ex-friends who were jealous and not as hot as her.

Bridgette and Christall throw champagne at each other

The story amused Bridgette, who is Mpho’s friend. She couldn’t stop laughing at everything Christall was saying. Christall was very annoyed because she was pouring her heart out, while Bridgette couldn’t even keep a straight face. The two ladies then started arguing, and Christall asked Bridgette what she does for a living. Bridgette gave Christall her impressive CV but even after that, they still couldn’t stop going at each other.

Things escalated quickly and Christall’s feelings were so hurt that she threw champagne at Bridgette. The mess continued as Bridgette did the same to her and warned Christall to never do what she did.

In her defence, Christall explained that that glass of champagne slipped out of her hand and landed on Bridgette’s wig. “I don’t like chaos, it makes me crazy,” Christall explained. Oh, this is all the drama we never knew we needed. Do you think Christall was in the wrong for throwing that glass? Well, some people don’t think so.


Christall didn’t appreciate the fact that Bridgette was mean to her and she’s not even part of their group. She was also hurt by the fact that the other girls didn’t stand up for her while she was being “attacked”.

We have a feeling that things will get even more dramatic after this and we can’t wait to see all of that! Follow The Real Housewives of Johannesburg on Showmax to keep up with all the action.

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