Royal rumble: Drama in The Throne

15 July 2019

Royal rumble: Drama in The Throne

Missed out on the royal infighting from the BaTswana kingdom on Mzansi Magic? Fear not – you now can stream The Throne from episode 1 on Showmax. We have 200 episodes already, but you can binge them in a flash – the 23-minute instalments fly by and there’s no such thing as a clean fight to be head of state.

Here’s what you need to know and who’s who in the kingdom.

The people: The subjects of BaTswana are ruled by the Kwena family and only a woman may rule. Sorry kings and princes, you’re nothing more than a fancy title – you’ve got no chance of wearing the crown or leading the people.

The business: BaTswana is vast and has an abundance of resources that make life in the region rich and fulfilling. The royal Kwena family have established a number of businesses that bring millions into the state coffers, but the most important by far is their tea business. The region is famous across the world for its herbal tea brews and the queen, as the head of the business, is worth a fortune.

The snake in the grass: Exiled Kwena brother Prince Moseki wants the throne (despite not being a woman, he believes that he can steal it and control the kingdom) and there’s nothing he won’t do. That includes lying about significant mineral deposits being found in the region that his sister Queen Mosadi has apparently been planning to keep for herself. Or so he tells the people of BaTswana…

Who’s who in the Kwena family

From left to right: Maswabi, the Queen’s uncle; Rakgadi Seperi, the Queen’s aunt; Odirile, the Queen’s sister; Mosetsana, the Queen’s youngest daughter; Queen Mosadi; Kefilwe, the Queen’s eldest daughter; Tumelo, the Queen’s son; Moseki, the Queen’s brother; Dipuo, his daughter.

Queen Mosadi (Monnye Kunupi) has doubts whether she’s really cut out for ruling the family, the region and the businesses. She knows that she’s going to be betrayed but she doesn’t know where it’s coming from … and it’s a lot closer than she realises.

Moseki (Don Mlangeni) feels that he should’ve been king and was betrayed years ago by his late king dad. He imposed exile on himself, moved to a nearby region and established his own royal bloodline. He’s back now and wants what’s his: the throne, and all the money that goes with it.

Motsamai (Jerry Phele) is always laughing and sharing a joke, but he’s been around the block and back again – he knows everyone’s secrets and he understands the kingdom and the royal family better than anyone realises.

Sephiri (Seipati Motshwane) is Mosadi’s trusted advisor but it turns out she hasn’t told the Queen all the truth and nothing but the truth – and the secret that Sephiri knows could tears the Kwenas apart.

Odirile (Tsholo Matshaba) is Mosadi and Moseki’s younger sister who publicly claims that she doesn’t want to be queen. Privately, there’s nothing she wants more.

Mosetsana (Tshegofatso Seakgoe) is Queen Mosadi’s youngest daughter. She’s fiercely independent and has only recently moved back after growing up in Johannesburg.

Kefilwe (Lerato Zah Moloi) is the Queen’s eldest daughter. She’s beautiful and headstrong, believing that she’s next in line when the throne is vacated.

Tumelo (Kabelo Moalusi) is Mosadi’s son who fits in awkwardly between his sisters. He can’t take the throne but that doesn’t mean he won’t say no to a business – or betrayal – deal if it will benefit him.

Dipuo (Keke Mphuti) is Moseki’s daughter who doesn’t actually know where she fits into this royal mess. What she does know is that she’s part of her dad’s plot to take back the throne and she knows better than to refuse Moseki’s commands.

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