‘SA’s Game of Thrones’ Ifalakhe kicks off with two births and a beheading
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7 October 2019

‘SA’s Game of Thrones’ Ifalakhe kicks off with two births and a beheading

For weeks on end, South Africans waited patiently as Stained Glass Productions presented snippets of Ifalakhe, its most riveting local drama series ever. Over the weekend, the wait was finally over, as viewers across the country sat huddled up in their living rooms waiting with bated breath for the first episode.

South African audiences can be difficult to impress, and the first opening sequence didn’t sit too well with some viewers on social media. But after an hour of gripping content, Ifalakhe was a trending topic.

More than anything, viewers appreciated the show’s understanding of what South Africans yearn to watch on television when it comes to local content.

“This is the content I signed up for”

It’s safe to say that, for these fans, Sunday evening between 20:00 and 21:00 is booked for Ifalakhe.

Bring back iHashi Elimhlophe!

Another reason why Ifalakhe has caught the attention of South Africans is because of its stellar selection of cast members.

The appearance of legendary Maskandi artist iHashi Elimhlophe was met with great excitement, but the enthusiasm was short-lived.

In an unexpected turn of events, iHashi Elimhlope’s character is murdered during a war scene, which sees his head chopped off and thrown back to his tribe.

Shocked and disappointed at iHashi’s Elimhlophe’s early exit from the show, viewers voiced their astonishment over his character’s death.

The decapitation really took people by surprise.

A Game of Thrones-inspired local drama series?

On the other hand, some consider Ifalakhe to be the local version of Game of Thrones thanks to a few similarities they associate with the Emmy-winning show.

If you’ve been longing for new local content with an authentic storyline, then Ifalakhe is a show worth watching.

Ifalakhe airs every Sunday on Mzansi Magic at 20:00 and will also be available to stream on Showmax immediately after.

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