Second Family S2 episodes 39-44: Madness, mayhem and murder

13 February 2024

Second Family S2 episodes 39-44: Madness, mayhem and murder

All the electrifying twists and turns from Second Family have left us reeling! From betrayals to revenge, here’s a recap of the juiciest moments that kept us on the edge of our seats:

Evangeline is betrayed

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Evangeline wakes up in a mental institution and learns that Leo had her sent there as a way to steal her shares in EAGC. Confused and afraid, she’s strapped to the bed and sedated. To make matters even worse, Tehi visits her and holds her at gunpoint, forcing her to sign over his inheritance from Senior!

Gigi gets her revenge

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In the wake of her divorce from Cyrus, Gigi taunts Katherine about her affair with her husband and tells her she can have him. At the same time, she admits to Lizzy that she reported Katherine to the EACC to force her to resign. 

Katherine is killed and Tehi takes the money and runs

Possibly the biggest shock moment is when Katherine gets caught in the crossfire between Tehi and The Syndicate, literally. On orders from Kiilu, Tehi attempts to assassinate Dr Masinde, but is stopped by Lizzy and Katherine. Shots are fired and Katherine is killed. Racked with guilt for shooting Katherine, Tehi leaves the country, taking Nina with him.  

Kiilu takes down the syndicate

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Leo and Kiilu finally come face to face. It’s a power-move by Kiilu; distracting Leo while one by one, each council member of The Syndicate is assassinated.

Lizzy sides with Leo

After her sister is shot, Lizzy confesses to Leo that she was working with Kiilu, but didn’t have anything to do with the executions of the other council members. Lizzy advises Leo to align with Rian Fitzpatrick to leverage Patterson Farms. Rian comes to the rescue and ends the inquisition against Leo, but there’s a price to pay: he wants access to EAGC intel. 

Dora and Sweetness kill Peter

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Dora is determined to inform Leo about Shei’s involvement in Sinde’s death. Peter catches wind of her intentions and threatens her. When Sweetness steps in to support Dora, a fight breaks out and Peter is killed. Dora and Sweetness hide the body.

Evangeline escapes

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Somehow, Evangeline manages to escape from the mental institution. She secretly returns home where Dora confesses that she knows Shei murdered Sinde. Evangeline snaps and attacks Dora… and smothers her with a cushion! 

Is Dora really dead? What will Evangeline do next? Will she get revenge on Kiilu or Leo? Or will she go for Shei, who left her in jail to take the fall for Sinde’s murder? All we know for sure is that Evangeline will always come out on top. 

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