5 March 2024

Second Family S2 episodes 49-50 recap: Betrayals and bombshells

In the latest episodes of Second Family, the Gatehis are left reeling in the wake of Shei’s elopement and secret marriage to Ryan. From betrayals to bombshells, here’s the recap:

The Gatehis are stunned by betrayal

Second Family S2 on Showmax

Tensions escalate as the Gatehis discover that Patterson Farms has made changes in their executive arm – Cyrus has joined as CEO and Shei as the head of research and innovation. It’s a public betrayal that rocks the family to the core.

Shei grapples with ethical dilemmas

Second Family S2 on Showmax

Shei finds herself torn when Ryan and Cyrus adopt underhanded tactics to rival EAGC. While Shei feels uneasy about betraying her family, her marriage ties her to a different game plan.

Tehi’s not-so-triumphant return

Second Family S2 on Showmax

Tehi confesses to Evangeline about killing Katherine. He begs her to give him his inheritance as he fears his life is in danger if Lizzy retaliates. Eventually, Evangeline relents and signs over his inheritance.

Shei gives Lizzy a peace offering

Second Family S2 on Showmax

As a peace offering, Ryan suggests that Shei give EAGC a fertiliser prototype that his company has been developing, which can accelerate the growth of maize. Meanwhile, Bett calls Lizzy to inform her that Tehi has come home.

Tehi’s life hangs in the balance

Second Family S2 on Showmax

It’s the day of Shei’s wedding reception, and Lizzy and Bett plan to poison Tehi and get their revenge. However, just as Bett gives Tehi the poisoned coffee, Joel intervenes, saving Tehi, and saving Bett from suffering the consequences of taking a life.

Leo disowns Shei

Second Family S2 on Showmax

Shei confronts Leo about his absence from her reception, only to discover that he’s known all along that she murdered Sinde. Leo disowns her and warns her away from the family.

A toxic revelation

Second Family S2 on Showmax

Lizzy learns that the fertiliser Shei gave to EAGC is toxic. She confronts Shei about it, who discovers that giving the fertiliser to EAGC was just another underhanded move by Ryan to take down Leo’s company.

A bombshell ending

Second Family S2 on Showmax

In a dramatic turn of events, Evangeline appears at the wedding reception dressed in mourning attire, as if attending a funeral. Suddenly, she spots The Professor and realises everyone is in grave danger. Without wasting any time, Joel quickly evacuates the family from the venue and rushes them to their cars. Just then, a bomb goes off. It’s a literal bombshell ending that no one saw coming!

The only ones left standing are Lizzy and Cyrus, who raise a glass to Kat’s memory. The question lingers: were they the ones behind the bomb?

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