Second Family Season 1 episodes 37-39 recap: Love triangles and wedding drama

17 July 2023

Second Family Season 1 episodes 37-39 recap: Love triangles and wedding drama

This week on Second Family, Tehi spirals back into heavy drinking following the shocking revelation of the will. In a confrontation with Evangeline, he confesses to killing the CS for her and exposes her lie about the rape. Meanwhile, Beryl continues her relentless pursuit of clues linking the Gatehis to a series of mysterious deaths.

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Sophia confronts Sinde

Sophia pays a visit to Sinde at the office, fueled by concern. She confronts Sinde about her relentless vendetta against Evangeline, warning her about the dangerous path she’s treading and the profound changes she’s undergoing.

Jackson’s unrequited Love

Jackson pays an unexpected visit to Evangeline, revealing his impending divorce and subtly hinting at the possibility of a deeper connection between them, but Evangeline dismisses his advances without a second thought.

Cyrus and Katherine’s alliance

Cyrus confides in Katherine about his acceptance of a job at TGM, leading to a sense of betrayal from Katherine due to his decision to work with her sister. Yet, he manages to persuade her to join forces and reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

Gigi and Joel’s love triangle 

Rebeccah confronts Joel in Second Family episode 37 on Showmax

Gigi apologises to Joel for misinterpreting the situation when she discovered him in bed with Shei. They reconcile, with Joel vowing to take care of Gigi and their unborn child. However, their intimate moment is shattered by the arrival of Rebeccah, who accuses Joel of betraying her.

Tehi’s arrest and Evangeline’s resolve

Tehi gets arrested in Second Family episode 37 on Showmax

Tehi is arrested for the murder of Leo, and the police attempt to link him to the crime. Jackson delivers the news to Evangeline, who believes Tehi needs to face the consequences if he is guilty. Gigi and Shei cannot fathom their mother’s unwillingness to help Tehi and refuse to let him suffer in jail.

Despite their pleas, Evangeline refuses to pay Tehi’s bail, forcing Jackson to step in and cover the costs. In a moment of rage, Tehi confronts his mother. Evangeline seizes the opportunity to convince him to sever ties with Sinde and align with her.

Wedding day drama 

Gigi gets married in Second Family episode 39 on Showmax

As Gigi’s wedding day arrives, emotions run high. Amid the celebratory toasts, Joel pays a secret visit to Gigi, stirring up further complications. Cyrus confronts Gigi about her true motives, and she confesses to him that she’s pregnant. 

He grapples with his decision regarding the marriage, eventually confessing to Katherine that Gigi is part of a larger plan to gain acceptance in high society. Just moments before walking down the aisle, Cyrus tells Gigi that their union will be purely business. Despite exchanging vows and being pronounced husband and wife, their marriage will not be a happy one. 

Meanwhile, Evangeline gives in to her own desires and seduces Jackson, but their secret tryst is seen by both Bett and Shei.

Gigi is abducted in Second Family episode 39 on Showmax

As the celebration reaches its peak and guests gather for the cake cutting, Gigi is nowhere to be found. While guests mingle in the gardens of the Gatehi mansion, an unknown abductor speeds off with an unconscious Gigi in his car. Could he be behind the recent spate of mysterious phone calls to Gigi, or that suspicious bouquet of red roses?

This unexpected twist has us on the edge of our seats! What will become of Gigi? Second Family is on a production break and new episodes will land later in 2023 – we’ll let you know when to expect more drama and shocking twists!

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