Second Family Season 2 episode 7-8 recap: Chaos after Leo’s return

9 October 2023

Second Family Season 2 episode 7-8 recap: Chaos after Leo’s return

Get ready for another wild ride in the latest episodes of Second Family on Showmax! The shockwaves from Leo’s return echo throughout the family, and everyone is demanding answers. But is Leo ready to provide them? 

Here’s the latest Second Family recap:

A doomed marriage

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Tensions between Cyrus and Gigi hit boiling point. Cyrus wants out of Evangeline’s house, but Gigi fiercely opposes the idea. Their doomed marriage spirals even more when Cyrus callously rejects the idea of having another child with her after her miscarriage of Joel’s baby.

The Lang’ats are in the news while Shei searches for the truth

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The news of the Lang’at house shooting and Leo’s return dominates the headlines. While Gigi embraces Leo, Tehi remains suspicious. On another front, Shei takes matters into her own hands, investigating the shooting and uncovering Sinde’s involvement in the sinister plot.

Hospital dramas and confrontations

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In the hospital, Leo attempts to mend things with his son, but Bett rejects him, accusing him of being a liar and pushing away any attempts at reconciliation. Evangeline faces her own challenges as she confronts Lizzy about her role in Leo’s deception and her alliance with Jackson Kiilu.

The Syndicate is at it again

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The Syndicate, now with Cyrus, grapples with uncertainty about Leo’s return. Tehi confides in Cyrus, revealing that Leo suspects The Syndicate’s involvement in his car accident. Together with Joel, they embark on an investigation to uncover the organisation’s secrets.

Sophia’s funeral brings the siblings together

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As Sophia’s funeral approaches, bitterness festers within Dora, grieving for her sister while resenting the Gatehis. At the hospital, Shei, Gigi, and Tehi stand by Bett’s side, streaming the funeral live to offer their support. But where is Sinde? It seems that Leo’s daughter and ex-CEO of EAGC is still missing after making a run for it last week. 

Evangeline won’t get away that easily

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Leo refuses to grant Evangeline a divorce, insisting he needs her by his side to achieve his plans. The week culminates in Leo’s ominous warning: stand with him, or prepare for a living nightmare. 

Brace yourself for more shocking twists and turns in Second Family, airing every Thursday and Friday, exclusively on Showmax!

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