Second Family Season 2 episodes 11-12: Memories, flashbacks and secrets

23 October 2023

Second Family Season 2 episodes 11-12: Memories, flashbacks and secrets

Prepare for an exciting journey in the newest episodes of Second Family! The characters face secrets, alliances, and surprising truths, all while dealing with complicated relationships and unexpected turns.

Here’s the latest recap of Second Family on Showmax:

Dora’s memory loss

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After a fall at the hospital, Dora finds herself recovering in bed. Strangely, she can’t recall discovering Sinde — nor seeing Shei in Sinde’s room. What we really want to know is: did Shei have something to do with Dora’s mysterious accident?

Evangeline’s desperate bid to get out of her marriage

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Evangeline is on a mission for freedom. Determined to escape her marriage with Leo, she urges Victor to go to any lengths to destroy her husband and force him to release her. Her strategy? Ruin him in the court of public opinion.

Sibling rivalry at EAGC

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At EAGC, the Gatehi children work as interns, all vying to prove themselves worthy of Leo’s succession. Gigi and Cyrus seem to be on better terms, with Cyrus believing Gigi could be the chosen heir. Katherine aligns herself with Tehi, aiming to boost his chances, while Lizzy partners with Shei, setting the stage for dramatic sibling rivalry within the company.

Confrontation and confessions

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Leo confronts Evangeline, leading to a night of startling revelations. Both lay bare their deepest secrets. Despite Leo’s insistence that their relationship can still work, Evangeline stands firm. She pushes Leo to reveal the truth about his whereabouts over the past year, unearthing a web of deception, including Jackson’s involvement in his supposed demise and his collaboration with Lizzy to devalue EAGC, a move that had devastating consequences for Sinde.

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