Second Family Season 2 episodes 13-14 recap: Sibling rivalry and secret alliances

30 October 2023

Second Family Season 2 episodes 13-14 recap: Sibling rivalry and secret alliances

In this week’s episodes of Second Family on Showmax, alliances shift and secrets unravel as the Gatehi siblings battle for control of EAGC. From petty jealousies and political manoeuvres to unexpected romances, here’s the latest Second Family recap:

Sibling rivalry at EAGC

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Cyrus and Gigi’s alliance strengthens as they plot to secure Gigi’s position within EAGC. However, suspicions arise when Katherine questions Cyrus’s motives behind rebuilding his relationship with Gigi. Lizzy provides Shei with a game-changing tip, which, in a surprising turn, Shei shares with her siblings, hoping for a truce.

Bett’s determination and Evangeline’s strategy

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Bett, grappling with his injury, shifts his focus to helping Evangeline in her divorce case, proposing to become her eyes and ears to gain valuable information to use against Leo.

Leo’s political manoeuvres

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Leo’s political ambitions take centre stage as he orchestrates Carol-Marie’s candidacy for parliament, leveraging his influence and power. This move aligns with his plans to expand EAGC, strengthening his foothold in both the business and political arenas. 

Sparks fly at the art auction

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The family gathers at an opulent auction hosted by Leo, where tensions flare between Cyrus and Gigi. Additionally, Jackson confronts Evangeline about their past, leading to a heated exchange. 

Second Family is on Showmax

Meanwhile, Shei confides in Joel about her contemplation of leaving the race to control EAGC. Joel’s encouragement sparks a connection between them, hinting at something more lingering between them. Could there be romance in the air?

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