Second Family Season 2 episodes 17-18 recap: Politics and passion

13 November 2023

Second Family Season 2 episodes 17-18 recap: Politics and passion

This week on Second Family on Showmax, we dive into a pool of emotions, political games, and unexpected alliances. The Gatehi family is in for a wild ride as personal struggles collide with political ambitions. 

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Here’s the recap of the latest episodes:

Gigi’s past continues to haunt her

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Gigi’s past traumas are catching up, and it’s getting messy. Her emotional baggage spills into EAGC, messing with Cyrus, who confides in Katherine. Things hit the fan when Gigi overhears them talking about her issues.

Carol-Marie vs Philip Fanuel: Politics gets messy

Second Family on Showmax

Leo’s political game hits a snag with the entry of Philip Fanuel. Tensions rise as Jackson suggests negotiating with The Syndicate, clearly working against Leo. Add in a touch of blackmail by Tehi, and it’s politics, but with a side of family drama.

Evangeline’s new game

Second Family on Showmax

Alice, a new player in the drama, brings a dash of ruthlessness. Evangeline’s divorce plan hits a roadblock, but Alice is all in for revenge. As Evangeline extends an olive branch to Leo, we’re left wondering if she’s playing a new game.

Shei’s sneaky moves messing with Dora’s memory

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Shei feels the net closing in but her deception game is strong. Despite the fact that she’s being drugged so that she doesn’t remember what she saw at the hospital, Dora starts to get flashbacks. But Shei is one step ahead, and uses Dora’s faulty memories to shift suspicions onto Sinde. 

Cyrus and Katherine’s surprise affair

Second Family on Showmax

The real shock twist of the week comes when Cyrus and Katherine take a trip down memory lane that ends up in a steamy affair! The tension peaks when Joel walks in on the action. Will he spill the beans, or are we in for more family fireworks? 

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