Second Family Season 2 episodes 23-24 recap: Political moves, power struggles and family intrigues

4 December 2023

Second Family Season 2 episodes 23-24 recap: Political moves, power struggles and family intrigues

This week on Second Family, the Gatehis engage in a high-stakes game of political maneuvering and power plays for control of EAGC. Sibling rivalries intensify, and dangerous threats loom large.

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Here’s what you missed:

Carol-Marie’s debate turns dangerous

It’s the day of the big political debate, and Carol-Marie is doing well in the polls against Fanuel. But things take a turn on stage—insults are thrown, and Carol-Marie storms off, only to get kidnapped later.

The Syndicate’s stealthy takeover

Behind Leo’s back, Jackson and Tehi (along with Katherine and The Syndicate) engineer Carol-Marie’s debate failure by threatening her at gunpoint. The Syndicate demands shares in EAGC. If Leo doesn’t agree, they’ll make sure Carol-Marie loses the election. At the same time, Evangeline orchestrates moves from the shadows, aligning with The Syndicate to destabilise Leo’s hold on EAGC.

Katherine and Cyrus call a truce

Cyrus and Katherine reluctantly call a truce to keep tabs on each other. They’re both trying to figure out what the other knows without giving away too much. When they finally have an honest talk, Cyrus warns Katherine about getting too involved with Evangeline and Tehi.

Evangeline’s bold move

In a surprising twist, Evangeline reveals she has Carol-Marie in custody. Using her as leverage, she confronts Leo with demands, including a divorce and reinstatement to the EAGC board, along with restoring their children’s shares.

With the election just a day away and everything hanging on Carol-Marie’s victory, Leo faces a dilemma. Does he give Evangeline and The Syndicate what they want, or will he let the election play out? Watch the next episodes of Second Family, only on Showmax, to find out!