Second Family Season 2 episodes 25-26 recap: Winners, losers and a woman scorned

11 December 2023

Second Family Season 2 episodes 25-26 recap: Winners, losers and a woman scorned

In this week’s episodes of Second Family, the power dynamics at EAGC take centre stage as the Gatehis navigate a landscape of power, revenge, and family intrigue, and Evangeline executes her boldest move yet! You don’t want to miss it; here’s the recap.

Evangeline’s demands cause alliances to shift

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Election day arrives, and tensions soar as Evangeline demands controlling shares in EAGC in exchange for Carol-Marie’s release. With Leo’s future on the line, alliances are tested. Gigi sides with Leo, while Tehi and Shei join forces with Evangeline to reclaim their EAGC shares and voting rights.

The pressure mounts

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The pressure intensifies as the media catches wind of Carol-Marie’s absence. Amid the chaos, Leo agrees to all Evangeline’s demands, restoring the Gatehi children’s shares in EAGC.

Leo is betrayed

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Kiilu plays a dangerous game, concealing his role in Carol-Marie’s disappearance from Leo. However, Leo discovers the betrayal, realising even his children are involved. What will he do with this information? We suspect he’ll use it against them somehow!

Evangeline’s vengeful vow

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In a surprising twist, Evangeline, instead of signing the divorce papers, vows to torment Leo until one of them dies. Her focus was never the divorce but the control over the company — and revenge on her husband.

Hook-ups and break-ups

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As Leo copes with his troubles, he finds solace in a surprising encounter with Carol-Marie. Cyrus and Katherine rekindle their past romance. Meanwhile, Evangeline ends things with Kiilu.

Tehi’s past catches up with him

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Tehi’s mysterious past involving Nina comes to the forefront as she unexpectedly appears at his door. Questions loom – what brings her here, and what does she want?

Stay tuned for the unfolding drama and revelations in the next episodes of Second Family, only on Showmax!