Second Family Season 2 episodes 29-32 recap: Ending the year on a dramatic note

5 January 2024

Second Family Season 2 episodes 29-32 recap: Ending the year on a dramatic note

While the world counted down to the new year, the Gatehi family, led by Leo, was in the middle of some serious drama. Here’s a recap of what went down in Second Family during the festive season.

A spy among us

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Sweetness, pretending to be a housecleaner at the Gatehi mansion, isn’t just dusting shelves. She’s snooping around Evangeline’s closet, texting Leo as if she’s Sinde, and stirring things up between Joel and Shei. But her most dangerous game is eavesdropping on Leo’s talks, learning all about The Syndicate. 

Factions and in-fighting at the Syndicate

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Inside The Syndicate, there’s more drama than unity. Jackson wants to kick Leo out and take control of EAGC, but not everyone is on the same page.

Gigi finds herself in trouble with the law

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Remember when Gigi, in a fit of jealous rage, called the anti-corruption agency to report Cyrus and Katherine? Agent Lewis Leshan has tracked her down and wants proof for her claims. It’s time for Gigi to face the music, but this could put EAGC at risk.

Bett digs into Sinde’s disappearance

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Encouraged by Evangeline, Bett decides to investigate Sinde’s last days at EAGC for clues, but is left disappointed. Will there ever be justice for his sister?

Lizzy’s demands: power struggles in EAGC

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Lizzy isn’t happy with Leo’s handling of EAGC and demands action. She insists that Leo settle the warring factions of The Syndicate and seat Philip and Jeremiah on the board of the company, with voting rights.

Gigi uses her connections to help her father

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Gigi meets up with the Lotus Ladies, and uses their connections to help Leo place Jeremiah and Philip on the board of EAGC. Evangeline is livid when she finds out that Leo has done so – and that he’s forged her signature to get it done.

Leo vs Jackson: the big showdown

Leo and Jackson face-off, with The Syndicate playing referee. Accusations fly, and it’s put to a vote. Either Leo or Jackson has to go. Leo wins, and Jackson loses his position within the secret organisation.

Lizzy teams up with Jackson

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With Jackson out, Lizzy teams up with him in a power move to mess with Leo by exposing The Syndicate’s secrets. Katherine, in the know, wants guarantees about her future in the company.

Lizzy’s secret

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A revealing flashback exposes Lizzy’s knowledge of Sinde’s death at the hands of Shei. Armed with this damning information, how will Lizzy use it as leverage against Leo?

Katherine’s late revelation

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As the drama intensifies at EAGC, Katherine discovers she might be pregnant. Could the new year mean a new start (and a new baby) for Katherine? What will Cyrus do when he finds out?

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