Second Family Season 2 episodes 33-34 recap: Drama and a dead body

8 January 2024

Second Family Season 2 episodes 33-34 recap: Drama and a dead body

It’s a new year with plenty of new drama in the Gatehi fold, keeping us on the edge of our seats. Here’s a recap of the latest bombshell moments from Second Family:

Evangeline and Leo clash

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The year begins with Evangeline moving into Leo’s office, a move she claims is for the shareholders but is undoubtedly a tactic to play mind games with Leo. Their heated argument escalates into a physical altercation, leaving us wondering how far this power struggle will go.

The Gatehi children deal with their own dramas

Second Family S2 is now on Showmax

Shei finds herself in the spotlight when Leo lashes out at her; Lizzy also comes down hard on her, demanding that she stop behaving like a spoiled brat and earn some respect. Tehi catches up with Katherine and learns that Kiilu has been keeping him out of the loop regarding certain decisions. At the same time, he has his hands full with Nina, whose erratic behaviour could destroy his reputation. Gigi gets hounded by Lewis Leshan from anti-corruption, who gives her until the end of the week to produce a smoking gun that will take down EAGC. 

The ruse continues

Second Family S2 is now on Showmax

Meanwhile, at the Gatehi mansion, Sweetness keeps up her ruse as housemaid, but when Dora’s suspicions lead her to digging through her handbag, she gives up the game and threatens Dora to keep her secrets, or else.  

Lizzy and Kiilu play games

Second Family S2 is now on Showmax

Kiilu wants to take down The Syndicate, starting with the shady leader known as The Professor. He pressures Lizzy to find out the identity of The Professor by revealing that he knows she paid Sinde’s doctors for their silence. But Lizzy has another ace up her sleeve — one that could destroy Kiilu.

Bringing up the dead

Second Family S2 is now on Showmax

A mysterious turn of events unfolds at EAGC as a body, later identified as Lucas, the lawyer Tehi killed in Season 1, is left in the office. The shocking discovery leads to intense questioning by detectives, creating a web of suspicion among the characters. Leo and Evangeline point fingers at each other, accusing the other of playing sinister games.

Lizzy’s ultimatum

Second Family S2 is now on Showmax

Lizzy reminds Leo that TGM gave him a lifeline and he gambled with it. She threatens him to deliver on the sacco and the farming project in two weeks, or she will pull the merger with TGM and exit EAGC, taking all the money with her.

Kat confronts Cyrus

Second Family S2 is now on Showmax

Amidst the chaos, Kat confronts Cyrus about their relationship, questioning his commitment. She drops the ultimate bombshell: she’s pregnant, and Cyrus is the father! What will he do? Will he step up and take responsibility? And how will Gigi react?

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