Second Family Season 2 episodes 5-6 recap: A twist you never saw coming!

2 October 2023

Second Family Season 2 episodes 5-6 recap: A twist you never saw coming!

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of suspense and drama as the latest episodes of Second Family on Showmax deliver shocking revelations and unexpected turns. In this week’s gripping instalment, tensions at home escalate, secrets unravel, and an explosive tragedy strikes, leaving everyone on the edge of their seats.

Here’s the latest Second Family recap.

Tensions escalate at home

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The tension between Cyrus and Gigi reaches a boiling point, leading to separate meals for the household members. The atmosphere at home is charged, affecting everyone, especially Shei, who grapples with her identity and regrets from her last encounter with Nthanze.

Sinde’s unfinished business

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At EAGC, Sinde decides to leave, but the hitman she hired is at Evangeline’s house, waiting for everyone to return from Nthanze’s funeral to take his shot. Unfortunately, Sophia is there too, having come to confront Evangeline about her children. Knowing her mother is in danger, Sinde rushes to Evangeline’s house.

A shocking return and tragedy strikes

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Katherine discovers a startling revelation: Evangeline is exiting EAGC, confirming Sinde’s claims. However, the most astonishing moment happens when Leo, thought to be dead, walks into the boardroom! 

Tragedy strikes

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As the wedding party returns home, Sinde’s sinister plan turns deadly. Shots are fired at the Gatehi family, but the hitman misses his mark and instead, Sophia and Bett are gunned down. 

A shocking reunion

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At the hospital, where everyone anxiously awaits news of Bett’s condition, Leo suddenly appears, causing a commotion and leading to a fiery confrontation with Evangeline. 

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Sinde, who fled the scene of the shooting and was hit by a car, is also in the hospital, and goes into shock when she thinks she sees her father.

As Leo’s reappearance raises questions, the whereabouts and motives behind his fake death remain shrouded in mystery. Why did he vanish, and what is his endgame? Tune in to uncover the secrets on Second Family. The saga continues every Thursday and Friday, exclusively on Showmax. 

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