Selina: Top 5 shocking moments of 2019

18 December 2019

Selina: Top 5 shocking moments of 2019

In a year filled with some of the most shocking moments in television history, Swahili telenovela Selina stood out (and continues to stand out) as the most-talked-about Kenyan show of 2019, and arguably the best one of the decade.

To recap, Selina follows the tortured romance between Selina (Celestine Gachuhi) and Nelson Mackenzie (Pascal Tokodi). Selina, who comes from humble beginnings, first meets Nelson while working at the flower plantation owned by the wealthy Mackenzies (Nelson’s family). Soon after, in a classic Cinderella-esque twist, Selina is sold off by her jealous stepmother (Wakio Mzenge, My Two Wives) to work as a maid at the Mackenzie household in the city. Meeting again, Nelson and Selina’s star-crossed love blossoms despite all the challenges they face, and in a world that is determined to crush their love any chance it gets.

Selina is directed and produced by Reuben Odanga (Saida, Naira) and has won a Kalasha Award for Best TV Drama in 2018 and 2019 as well as Best Lead Actor in a TV Drama for lead Tokodi in 2019.

Known for its unending twists and turns, the award-winning telenovela dialled up its drama and thrills in its current season, Season 4. Things got even more heated with the addition of Brenda Wairimu (Monica) in the role of Rosette, Nelson’s deranged love interest. Truth be told, Brenda should have received a Kalasha nomination for her portrayal of Rosette, but that’s a story for another day.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Watch the latest episodes of Selina if you need to catch up!

From unexpected marriage proposals to shocking deaths, these are the top five most shocking moments on Selina in 2019.

1. Selina abandons Nelson at the altar and marries Biko instead

This still hurts to remember how poor Nelson was played for a fool and ditched at the altar by Selina, who ran off to marry Nelson’s sociopathic cousin Biko in another church. And to think that fans had waited four seasons to see the lovebirds finally get married only for it to end in tears.

2. Nelson proposes to Rosette

In the most deceptive scene that the show has ever pulled, what we thought was going to be Nelson proposing to Selina turned out to be a proposal to Rosette. And Selina, who had been duped just like the rest of us, was left in the background weeping her heart out while Biko who had orchestrated the whole thing gave her a shoulder to cry on.

3. The mystery of Lucas

Rosette’s ex-boyfriend Lucas was introduced to us as a mystery until Selina put her detective’s cap on and discovered that he was actually killed by Rosette. We all knew that Rosette was crazy but to discover that she was capable of murder was thrilling and scary at the same time, adding an element of danger to her already heated rivalry with Selina.

4. Rosette kills Selina

Following Nelson’s marriage to Rosette, Selina finally succeeded in setting up a trap (after several failed attempts) and recording Rosette’s evil deeds. But her perfect plan was ruined when Rosette found out, attacked her, buried her alive and proceeded to set her grave on fire. Selina? Dead? Imagine that! It was a plot twist that no one saw coming and one that sent fans reeling on social media asking for answers.

5. Nelson working with Selina to unmask Rosette

After ignoring all red flags and anything that Selina had to say about Rosette, the revelation that Nelson was actually helping Selina uncover the truth about Rosette was one of the most gratifying moments the show has ever delivered.

As we look forward to what dramatic twists and turns the beloved telenovela has in store for us in 2020, relive all these great moments by bingeing Selina S1-4.

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