The best music on the soundtrack of The Wife

By TVPlus22 November 2022

The best music on the soundtrack of The Wife

Apart from the amazing cast ensemble and storyline of The Wife, another aspect of this ground-breaking telenovela that has had viewers yearning for more is the show’s music soundtrack.

“You can’t mention The Wife and not speak about the music and the sound design that went into the series,” insists series creative director Fikile Mogodi.

“We searched for local artists who could give us the nuances and the flavours that could speak to the emotions being showcased on each episode. See when you watch a scene that’s shot between two people, with no background music, it’s just two people talking. But, after you introduce a texture of music, you view the scene from a whole different perspective.”

Andile “Anzo” Ngubeni’s beloved theme song remains a favourite. And the rest of this season’s score is made up of original tracks by composer and sound designer Brendan Jury, who’s been guiding us through The Wife with his scores from day one. He’s the guy who created Zandile’s epic and romantic theme tune, The Wife Zandile True Love, in collaboration with Monde Msutwana. 

For an in-depth look at the music in The Wife, watch episode 6 of The Wife: Behind The Veil.

Here are the 5 most notable songs in The Wife.

The Wife (theme song)

Skandi-pop artist Anzo Islwane wrote and performed the original song that brings us back into the world of The Wife, in every episode. The intro song blends the hard-driving pulse and plaintive notes that really sum up the emotional range of the series. In The Wife: Behind The Veil episode 6, for the first time, you can listen to the whole track and see the amazing music video that Anzo shot for the show, which also informs viewers of the violence that has cursed Hlomu and Mqhele’s romance, and everyone in the Zulus’ community.

Qhawe Lam

It’s just a hint of the opening of this song in Season 1, episode 12, but it’s a hint of the reconciliation to come as Hlomu opens the door a crack for Mqhele to re-enter her life. And, unfortunately, it also hints at the promise that Mqhele will eventually break – to protect Hlomu and never raise his hand against her ever again. 

For Hlomu and Mqhele fans, Qhawe Lam, sung by Zuko Kupiso (from his debut album titled No One Is Safe) is a romantic song. It blends the very real romance with dark, tumultuous elements. For Zuko, the song was originally about the strength that carries us through times of incredible stress. And the lyrics, including the line “I’ve seen it all. Been through it all,” were based on words from the prayers his parents said over him. After the positive feedback Zuko received when the song featured in this episode, he went on to negotiate with the production team to use a handful of his songs in the show. 

Ubusuku Bonke

Hlomu has just had an unusual romantic date with Mqhele, when the scene cuts between the Zulu brothers’ cash-in-transit heist, and Hlomu looking at the aftermath of their destruction, unaware of Mqhele’s hand in it.

Abdul Khoza took his shot during pre-production on the series, and gave Fikile some of his original music. “I remember hearing Ubusuku Bonke the first time and thought ‘damn, bruh! What is this thing?’ says Fikile. “I told Abdul the song is so dope and that I wanted to close episode 1 with it, which was very iconic for me. Ubusuke Bonke really spoke to the type of hustle and change that we wanted to bring on board.”

Fun fact: Abdul and Bonko (the former Mqhele) really connected over their deep love for music when they discovered that Bonko is also a rapper. The two then collaborated on a track titled aboMageba, which is an ode to the sacred connection the Zulu brothers have with each other. Fikile loved it so much that he used the song at the end of episode 2 in Season 1. “This is a pride song for all of us as a collective,” says Abdul. 


In Season 1, episode 15 during Hlomu’s umemulo (coming of age ceremony) Mqhele is casting dagger eyes at Hlomu’s ex-fiance, Sandile, while his brothers cheekily start singing a song titled Dokotela at the ceremony.

There’s quite a chilling call-back to that song in Season 1, episode 39 (from 12:07) when Mqhele visits Sandile at his apartment and kills him after finding out that Sandile had slept with Hlomu.

The Wife music score

“When we shot that scene I was like; ‘here’s another story in the story! And even the lyrics were just perfect. So as soon as Bonko killed Sandile he started singing that Dokotela song. In my head, I was thinking that the whole of South Africa will sing along because it was such an iconic little piece,” says Fikile.

Dream About You

Season 2, episode 27 contains a scene that might be one of the flirtiest you’ll see on The Wife. Dr Naledi confronts Qhawe about standing in the doorway of the Zulus’ house and he has to explain that he lives there. On the surface, it’s all about two confused people working out what’s happening at that moment.

However, the music gives away the flirty nature between Naledi and Qhawe. When Qhawe asks Naledi, “Do you want to come into my heart or into my house?”. Naledi responds with a smirk, “heart, please.”


Former Idols (Season 11) top 5 finalist Lloyiso Gijana’s song Dream About You is as silky smooth as two swans gliding along a river of love. With these two, it’s not just about the chemistry, it’s a soul connection where you can look at someone and imagine the rest of your life with them.

Another notable song is Vuma by Mzuvukile, heard in Season 2, episode 36 when Qhawe prepares a romantic candle-lit dinner for Naledi.

The Wife is a Showmax Original telenovela that follows the Zulu brothers and the women they marry. Binge-watch all three seasons of The Wife on Showmax. Plus, watch The Wife: Behind The Veil, an 8-part special that takes you behind the scenes on the hit telenovela. 

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