Single Kiasi Season 2, episode 3 recap: Mariah makes hearts stop!

30 January 2023

Single Kiasi Season 2, episode 3 recap: Mariah makes hearts stop!

Heartbreak and turmoil are the themes of Single Kiasi season 2, episode 3, as Sintamei struggles with the loss of her baby, Rebecca is once again facing financial difficulties and is at the mercy of her landlord. But despite her own struggles, Rebecca still finds the strength to be there for her friend in her time of need. But where is Mariah?

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While her friends rally around Sintamei to lend their support, our glamour queen is out lunching with a potential new sugar daddy, the handsome plastic surgeon, Dr B. Her absence causes frustration for Olivia, who is feeling the weight of supporting Sintamei while keeping their new law firm afloat.

Things progress quickly for Mariah. She ignores the calls and texts from her friends and leaves the restaurant with Dr B for a romantic afternoon sojourn. Meanwhile, Ritchie takes Natasha out for lunch and feels the pressure of her expensive tastes, and he’s left with a hefty bill and a promise from Natasha for “next time.” 

Rebecca is equally stressed about money, and can’t afford a decent cake for Jayden’s birthday. Her son feels neglected and unloved by his parents, but when Rebecca confronts Eric about forgetting to pick him up after school, things don’t end well. 

Olivia in Single Kiasi

Sintamei is hesitant to tell Andy about the loss of their baby and Olivia, who is the only friend that has stuck by her side this entire time, takes her to the rooftop for a heart-to-heart. Beneath the twinkling stars, they share a special bonding moment.

Mariah’s relationship with Dr B heats up quickly, but the passion proves to be too much for the good doctor, who suffers a heart attack in the heat of the moment! What will happen next? Tune into Showmax to catch Single Kiasi S2. New episodes land every Monday.

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