Single Kiasi Season 2, episode 4 recap: Eric rewrites the past

6 February 2023

Single Kiasi Season 2, episode 4 recap: Eric rewrites the past

In Single Kiasi season 2, episode 4, the drama continues as our besties face new challenges. When Rebecca takes a closer look at her son Jayden’s school report, she discovers that all is not well and becomes determined to confront Eric about it.

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Meanwhile, Mariah is still reeling from Dr B’s heart attack and must face the consequences of her actions. She visits the hospital to check on the handsome plastic surgeon but is met with a shocking revelation: he’s married!

The tension reaches a boiling point when Rebecca attends Eric’s launch party, determined to get answers. But things quickly escalate into a heated confrontation with Eric’s girlfriend, Stacy, causing sparks to fly. 

As if things couldn’t get any more complicated, Ritchie’s love life takes a wild turn when Ruby shows up unannounced at his house, followed by an unexpected visit from Natasha. In true Single Kiasi style, the episode ends on a cliffhanger, leaving us wondering what will happen next.

Will Rebecca and Eric find a way to heal their family? What will Mariah do when she faces off with Doctor B’s wife? And what will become of Ritchie and his two love interests? Tune in to Showmax every Monday to catch the latest episodes of Single Kiasi season 2.

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