Somerkersfees (2019)
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1 December 2020

Somerkersfees (2019)

In Somerkersfees, a dysfunctional family’s Christmas beach holiday forces them to come to terms with their flaws, differences, hate and love for each other. 

Directed by  multi-award-winning theatre director and SAFTA nominee Jaco Bouwer (Rage, Dwaalster, Die Spreeus), Somerkersfees stars Milan Murray (Liewe Kersfeesvader, Waterfront), Edwin van der Walt (Wonderlus), Marguerite van Eeden (Sara Se Geheim), Joanie Combrink (Fynskrif, Dwaalster), Marvin-Lee Beukes (Wonderlus, Die Byl) and SAFTA winner Lionel Newton (Triomf). 

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