Tarzan van George

21 August 2023

Tarzan van George

The kykNET reality show Tarzan van George follows one man and his dream: to play the legendary character of Tarzan on the big screen.

Aspiring actor and filmmaker DeWet du Toit, along with his twin brother (and director and cameraman) Rudolf, has been on a mission for the past 12 years to become Hollywood’s next Tarzan. His YouTube channel has over 222k subscribers, with almost 58 million views for his short films, including Tarzan: Curse of the Mummy, The Revenge of Tarzan and the recently released Tarzan Never Dies.

Created, produced, and narrated by Rian van Heerden (Sex in Afrikaans, Wie Word ‘n Miljoenêr?, The Real Housewives of Pretoria), Tarzan van George introduces us to DeWet and follows his journey from George all the way to Los Angeles, where he visits Hollywood Boulevard … in his Tarzan costume.

The five-part series also looks at the history of Tarzan over the years, and features interviews with Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs’ family members, as well as executives of the company that still protects the rights to the author’s novels and short stories.

Also look out for interviews with the likes of actors Neil Sandilands (DAM, Sweet Tooth) and Gary Green (Fried Barry), who’ve both appeared in DeWet’s short films, as well as filmmaker Darrell Roodt, and writer and film critic Leon van Nierop.

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