The craziest moments on the Herd Season 2

3 July 2019

The craziest moments on the Herd Season 2

The finale of Mzansi Magic’s The Herd Season 2 was nothing short of a series of shocking events; which include a psychotic wife, a demonic grandmother and of course the craziest witchcraft episode of all time! And with the addition of a few insanely talented cast members, we’re quite sure that the third season will be as gut-wrenching as the previous two.

Speaking of the talented cast, may we have a round of applause for Enhle Maphumulo’s performance in this new season? Like, wow!

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Ayanda’s killing spree and rites of passage

Enhle made her debut on the show as the sweet and soft-spoken high school teacher Ayanda. Little did we know that the girl-next-door persona was nothing but a front, and before we knew it, Ayanda transitioned into a power-hungry, bloodthirsty witch who killed without remorse.

One of her most terrifying moments was when she killed Koos in cold blood. Ayanda not only drove over Koos twice with his bakkie but she then proceeded to stab him several times.

Another crazy Ayanda moment was when she underwent her witchcraft rites of passage. See, we initially thought that Ayanda was going to simply drink some dark magic potion that would enhance her evil powers. Instead, she was roasted on a pile of hot coals which symbolized the final process of her finally receiving her witchcraft badge of honor.

She took the term “hot chick” a bit too literally.

MaMngadi eats her grandson’s heart

Side note: we highly recommend that you refrain from eating anything before watching The Herd. People tend to eat human organs in this show.

In the first season, characters unknowingly ate other people’s livers, and in the second season, we had a bunch of witches salivating over the thought of eating people’s hearts. We can only wonder what body part will be on The Herd’s menu in the third season.

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So yes, MaMngadi did eat her newborn grandson’s heart to gain back her powers, and she even stir-fried the little organ for flavour.

Dudu and Kayise get busted by Dudu’s husband

The steamy affair between Dudu and Kayise had us sitting on the edge of our seats, dreading the day the ladies would be caught. Unfortunately, that day came when Dudu’s husband walked in on the two.

If you’re looking for a semi-horror and very dramatic local series to binge, The Herd is definitely a must-watch. Season 1 and 2 are both available on Showmax.

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