The Herd: Everybody wants Dumazile’s baby’s heart

3 June 2019

The Herd: Everybody wants Dumazile’s baby’s heart

Things are still getting heated on The Herd. If it’s not Ayanda and her obsession with Muzi, it’s MaMngadi and Smanga at each other’s throats. If you missed the latest episode of the Mzansi Magic drama series, we’ve got a recap for you!

Kayise loses the love of her life

You know it’s bad when Smanga turns to the biggest witch to try and defeat MaMngadi. The only problem is that MaMthembu wants him to do something for her. In order for him to get help, he needs to bring her a baby’s heart. And not just baby, but Dumazile’s baby boy. Imagine being pregnant and not knowing that there are people who are eagerly waiting to use your baby’s heart. Fulfilling this task might not be too difficult for Smanga because MaMngadi and her children, including Dumazile, have moved back home (with Smanga).

Before she could get her son and daughters back into the house, MaMngadi first gave Smanga a piece of her mind. She reminded him that she and her late husband worked hard to build the home he now claims is his. She told him that she’s not going anywhere and proudly revealed that she and her children are now on the same team. The only way MaMngadi and her children can win is if they work together.

After moving in, the family’s first task was to get the calves back from Smanga. They had to find out where he was hiding them, and then come up with a plan to get them back. This wasn’t going to be an easy task and Kayise was warned by her grandmother that this would not end well. In fact, she had a vision and went to her running in an attempt to get her to not go ahead with the plan. But she didn’t listen.

Just as they were getting their plan in action, Smanga came to the party and found Dudu outside. He told Dudu, who’s been having an affair with Kayise, to stay away from her family’s business and when she tried to distract him, she stabbed him. Soon after that Kayise came out and screamed that Smanga had killed her. Now that’s not the ending we were hoping for because Dudu and Kayise were planning a future together.

Muzi breaks up with Ayanda

Meanwhile, things didn’t go as planned for Ayanda. While she was hoping that Muzi would accept her marriage proposal, he was shocked by what she did and told her that he wants to do things the right way because she deserves the best. His only wish is for them to not rush things, follow tradition and set a good example for others.

However, with that said, he doesn’t feel that they are ready for marriage as they’ve just started dating. Ayanda told him that he’s wasting her time and after she called him crazy, she gave him an ultimatum: either they get married or they break up. Well, he decided right there and then that it was time for them to go their separate ways.

After he broke up with her, Ayanda went back to the witches and apologised to them. She admitted that she doesn’t have the power to make Muzi love her and said she’s willing to give them Dumazile’s baby’s heart. Although she initially thought she couldn’t go through with it, Ayanda now realises that she needs to do it to get Muzi back. They promised her that once she gives them the heart, they would initiate her, and she would have powers that would enable her to control Muzi and everybody else.

We have a feeling that the next episode is not one to be missed. You can keep up with The Herd on Showmax. Every episode lands express from the DStv broadcast.

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