The Herd: Has MaMngadi really changed?

6 May 2019

The Herd: Has MaMngadi really changed?

The second season of The Herd has come with a lot of surprises. If you followed the first season (available on Showmax) you’ll know that MaMngadi was calling all the shots. She was a strong witch who was responsible for a lot of evil things, including death. However, this time around the notorious witch is trying hard to prove to everyone that she has turned over a new leaf. For a while it looked like she was honest about being a new and changed person and was also determined to win back her children’s trust. But as you know, old habits die hard.

MaMngadi goes after Smanga

She might be trying to be on the straight and narrow, but deep down, she’s still as ruthless as she has always been. Because she wants to regain control of the farm and protect her children’s legacy, she hired a group of men to kill her late husband’s brother, Smanga. By the way, this is the same Smanga who’s now supposed to be her husband.

Anyway, the hitmen did as they were asked and attacked Smanga and everyone was convinced that he was dead.

MaMngadi started celebrating because she thought her plan had succeeded. Just as she was telling her children that they’re back stronger than ever, she got the shock of her life after realising Smanga was still alive. Now she’s stuck with an injured man and has to nurse him back to life. In her attempts to “nurse” him back to health, she has summoned the forces of darkness to “protect” him. The question is: Is she really protecting him, or is he still trying to kill him?

Things will be worse now that MaMngadi’s family has discovered that Smanga has a criminal record and has committed major crimes. They’ve also learned that he’s been sabotaging the farm by feeding poison to their livestock.   

Will Ayanda be the next big witch?

While MaMngadi is maintaining that she’s no longer an evil person, witchcraft continues to be a thing on The Herd. Ayanda, who’s dating MaMngadi’s son, is going to great lengths to try to win his love and affection. She has even started mixing with the witches in order to gain dark powers. We’ve seen how desperate she is for her man to love her and she’s asked her witch friends to give her a love potion.

As you know, there’s always a price to pay. Ayanda has been asked to kill someone and bring their heart to the witches.  So, will she do it?

We have a feeling that there’s going to be a lot more drama coming up on the next episode. Don’t get left behind, watch The Herd on Showmax now!

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