The Herd: Is the old MaMngadi back?
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18 June 2019

The Herd: Is the old MaMngadi back?

Is it just us or is Ayanda the star of the show this season? We’ve seen her going from the innocent girl who’s madly in love with a man who won’t give her what she wants, to a desperate woman who would do anything, including murder, to get the man of her dreams to love her.

Dumazile loses her baby

Because she was after Dumazile’s unborn baby’s heart, Ayanda convinced the pregnant woman to come to her place. As soon as Dumazile got to her house, Ayanda offered her something to drink and that was enough for her to go into labour. Dumazile, who was in pain, pleaded with Ayanda to call the ambulance and kept screaming that it was too soon for the baby to come.

While she was shouting and screaming, Ayanda assured her that the ambulance was on the way. Smanga was also in the house at the time and the two of them looked happy to see that their plan was coming together well. After painfully pushing, Dumazile eventually gave birth and Smanga immediately appeared with a knife and he cut out the baby’s heart and took it to MaMthembu. Ayanda called the cops and claimed that they were attacked. Dumazile was rushed to the hospital and it was a sad scene when her family was informed that there was no baby.

Smanga betrays Ayanda

While everyone was crying about losing the baby, Smanga was having the last laugh. He got what he wanted and told MaMthembu that Ayanda didn’t help with the killing of premature child, even though she did all the work. Of course, this left Ayanda fuming and even more desperate and she reached out to the two witches to help her with the situation.

With the baby’s heart in MaMthembu’s possession, everybody realised that their lives are in danger. MaMngadi was the first person to warn her family about how dangerous her mother is and how much power she will have now that she has the baby’s heart. To save her family, it looks like MaMngadi, who was well on her to a new start, has now gone back to her old ways. Although she was starting to entertain the idea of being a Christian, she quickly realised that the only way to deal with Smanga and her evil mother is to fight darkness with darkness.

Meanwhile, Ayanda has reached new levels of desperation and allowed the witches perform a ritual on her.

She was told that during the ritual she would encounter dark spirits that would usher her into the unknown. Ayanda was also informed that if she survives the ritual it would mean that the dark spirts have accepted her. Oh, and she could lose her life if things don’t go well.

Ayanda clearly doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into. You can continue to follow her journey on The Herd, right here on Showmax. You can also watch the first episode of The Herd on YouTube.

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